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If you’re an ardent follower of style, then Instagram is probably one of your favourite hubs. Take a moment to check out these stylish Haitian-Americans influencers who are adding their own unique splashes of color, passion and originality to that space. These men and women are at the top of their game and will inspire you to showcase that unashamed, best version of yourself.

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Davidson Petit-Frère

All eyes are on him whenever he steps into any room. To stellar suit designer Davidson Petit-Frère, the way he appears reflects who he is and what he is all about. He is all about the cultured, classic man lifestyle, paying attention to even the minutest of details and not hesitant to explore an interesting range of colors, from all shades of blue to vibrant reds.

Davidson began by creating his own style, designing and tailoring his own suits to perfectly fit his slim, 6’4 frame. Today, he styles for household names and Hollywood stars, selling his brand, FRÈRE, with his own clean good looks.

Paola Mathè

Paola “Pao Pao” Mathè’s style is wild and free, conveying non-conformist and tropical vibes. Inspired by nature and culture, her art is colorful and unique. The bohemian photography queen is also the lady in charge of Fanm Djanm, her fashion brand that specializes in head wraps and bandannas, and celebrates the beauty of womanhood.

Paola’s originality, bold colors and daring approach make her distinctive. She has been featured in several notable publications. She sees the world through colored lenses and wants nothing more than to share her creative visions with all who care to look.

Nasrin Jean-Baptiste

Petit Kouraj is a unique handbag brand by the equally chic Nasrin Jean-Baptiste. Her luxury handbags are all handmade and recognizable by their trademark weaving and tassels in various colors. Nasrin herself is stylist per excellence with an exceptional sense of fashion, leaning towards audacious color mixing and bringing together unusual pieces.

In addition to her successful celebrity styling career, dressing several notable stars including Alicia Keys, Nasrin decided to branch out and channel some of her overflowing creativity into building her handwoven bag brand a couple of years ago. There are absolutely no limits for this style goddess.

Prajje Oscar Jean-Baptiste

Prajje Oscar Jean-Baptiste nurtured the dream of becoming a fashion designer from childhood and then worked to realize it. His womenswear brand, Prajje Oscar, is dedicated to providing women with comfortable yet elegant luxury clothing that is also affordable. His dresses celebrate the female form using textures and colors that make her stand out in any room.

Prajje is committed to simplicity and originality in his art, boldly combining effervescent colors and relaxed and self-assured cuts in his style. Modernity and convention are beautifully brought together in every item he designs.

Kerby Jean-Raymond

Kerby Jean-Raymond loves his colors and it shows. His fashion brand, Pyer Moss, produces colorful statement clothing for both ladies and gents. Pyer Moss outfits are normally loose-fitting, expressive and non-conventional. Still, there’s something for everyone.

Kerby’s designs are inspired by his heritage and his own unique narrative of how culture and history ought to be viewed, and are celebrated by the superstars of the fashion world. Each piece is a bold statement reflecting an aspect of the thought processes that make him who he is.

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