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Music and food are two of the Caribbean’s most sought-after exports. And perhaps no other regions loves both so much in equal measure. With this in mind, we tapped some of the Caribbean’s most beloved music stars to talk about the foods that excite their palates. Jamaican Dancehall Star Jahmiel (given name Jamiel Foster) has been a fan favourite since 2015 when he broke out with his hit tune “Gain di World.” Since then, he has maintained a presence on dancehall/reggae charts with songs like “Strongest Soldier” and “A Better Tomorrow.” Jahmiel considers himself a real foodie.

Currently Craving: Brown stew salmon with rice and peas. It’s a dish I love, and luckily because I am quarantined in Jamaica, I’ve been able to get it a little more often than usual. When I was travelling prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, I’ve often been unable to get some of my favourite dishes because I was always in another country.

Favourite Caribbean Dish To Cook At Home: Curry coconut shrimp with rice and peas. My mom taught me how to make it, and most of what I know when it comes to Jamaican cooking in general. I’ve also taught a friend from overseas how to prepare it.

Go-to Caribbean Spot: There are so many good restaurants in Jamaica. But I really like a place called the Ultimate Ultra Lounge. When I’m travelling, I’m always hunting for a Jamaican restaurant. If I can’t find one, I’ll get the closest food to it.

Your Caribbean Essentials: Seafood, vegetables, ground provisions, rice, natural seasonings, and my all-purpose seasoning. The all-purpose is like the icing on the cake for me. The perfect finishing touch.

One Dish Every Visitor Should Try: Coconut curry shrimp because it’s the best. The seasoning mixed with the coconut flavour is really special. And they should pick up a bottle of scotch bonnet pepper sauce to go.

More Food Favorites from Caribbean Stars:

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