Gentleman’s Packing List for a Summer Caribbean Cruise - Relaxing on a boat

A summer Caribbean cruise is one of the ultimate vacations with many people using it as a way to explore places like Jamaica. It has something for everyone – from relaxing pool time and spa indulgence to adventurous shore excursions. With the many possible activities available, it can be difficult to not over pack. You only have limited space in your luggage and cabin, and you don’t want it cluttered up with items you won’t use. So to help you start your packing checklist, here are some things you should definitely not forget.


If you want to really dress for a summer Caribbean cruise, you can wear some vibes that are similar to those created by Caribbean designers such as Bianca Saunders’ summer shirt. Below are more specific tips for clothes packing.

A Gentleman’s Packing List for a Summer Caribbean Cruise

For day wear

Day wear calls for a comfortable outfit. The Caribbean has a generally tropical climate, so you want to wear something lightweight. Brands such as Natura Fab and Bamboo Tribe have shirts that are perfect for warm weather. Being made of bamboo, they’re soft and breathable. They also keep you odor-free. Cotton shirts keep you comfortable in the heat as well.

For footwear, Birkenstock sandals are both fashionable and comfortable. Aside from completing your cruiser look, they can also improve your walking gait, which can greatly reduce the chances of foot pain if you’re doing a lot of walking. For more versatile footwear, Noah and Adidas launched a Spring and Summer collection that included two suede pairs of shoes: the “Probound” and the “Rod Laver Super.” Both pairs have minimalist designs that you can easily wear with any outfit.

For evening wear

Most cruises have formal or semi-formal nights where you need to dress up for dinner. To help you pack light, you can actually wear the same suit for formal and semi-formal nights. Just make sure your evening wear is chosen with the climate in mind. Opt for light summer fabrics such as linen and cotton. As for shoes, black leather Oxfords or something similar are perfect. But remember that these are dress shoes — make sure to give them a shine before you pack them so they’re not dull.

Summer Caribbean Cruise - A man swimming in the Caribbean is about to jump off a high rock cliff into the water.


Don’t forget a swimsuit for your beach and pool time. The ideal length would be around two inches above your knees. For the waist, opt for either drawstring or elastic waistbands. If you’re wearing a rash guard as well, you can stay neutral with navy, black, or gray. But you can definitely choose to pair some colors and prints. Onia is a brand inspired by modern voyageurs, and their swimwear collection has prints that give an artsy look and feel.

Other necessities

Important documents

Keep your passport, government ID, and cruise documents on your carry on rather than checked luggage so you can easily pull them out if needed. A cruise lanyard is handy to put your cruise card in as it keeps your hands free.


Even though you are on a cruise you’ll still be spending a lot of time under the sun. To protect your skin from the sun, it’s essential that you pack a bottle of good sunscreen. Everyday Health advises picking a brand that has a broad-spectrum. This is because they protect you from both UVA (which causes wrinkles) and UVB rays (which cause sunburn and skin cancer).

Now you’ve got the packing sorted, we hope you book a cruise soon and come visit us on the islands for a summer Caribbean cruise.


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