Oui Shave Article
Oui Shave Article

Writer: Ayana Critchlow | Photography: Supplied

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It’s probably safe to say that shaving has never been the favorite part of any woman’s day. But just like a cute outfit can add a little joy to a grueling workout, there’s a product line working to make our morning ritual something we can all smile about.

Oui Shave is a selection of timelessly styled razor housings, luxurious shaving creams and oils, and other skin maintenance products developed with the discerning woman in mind. Its founder is Karen Young, a passionate entrepreneur of Guyanese heritage, focused on women, and their hair removal and skin care needs.

Young, like many women, suffered with razor burns and ingrown hairs for much of her life. Her research proved that the packaged razors she had been using were irritating her skin, and the creams were filled with unhealthy chemicals. Coming from the beauty industry herself, she set about creating better, more natural alternatives.

She learned that a single razor skims the hair from the skin, while multiple blades lift and pull the hair resulting in ingrown follicles. She also learned that the right emollients would make the hair removal process much easier.

To satisfy our love of shiny things while putting her new knowledge to practice, Young developed lavishly designed single and double razor housings in 14 karat gold, her most popular offering of course, and in chrome. Her other products for use during and after shaving include natural oils, creams, toners and balms meant to address issues like dryness, irritation, inflammation, dulling, and the dreaded ingrown hairs (Bikini time!) The Oui Shave range is scented with essential oils like bergamot, lavender, neroli and jasmine so your skin will be soft and glowing, and you’ll smell delicious too.

Ladies, here’s to the promise of daily soft, smooth skin without waxing or harsh chemicals! Learn more at www.ouishave.com.


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