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The city of Miami is home to a large population of Caribbean American residents. Representing this group, one of the most anticipated events in the city is Miami Carnival, held annually in early October. 

As the largest celebration of Caribbean culture in the United States, and one of the greatest in the world, Miami Carnival events see locals and tourists traveling from all over to tap into the vibrant and exciting Caribbean experience. The events that make up the week of activities are inspired by similar traditions in Trinidad, the mecca of Caribbean carnivals in the island region. Official Miami Carnival 2021 activities include four main events: Junior Carnival, the Panorama Steel Band Competition, J’ouvert, and the Carnival Grand Parade and Concert. All are exciting, dramatic and thrilling, and together, they offer something for everyone. 

Junior Carnival

Children have their own place to party as the Junior Carnival, dedicated to those too young to attend the main events, is held one week before the adults come out to play. This “Kiddies Carnival” features adorable bands of children in colorful band costumes parading, dancing and performing, merrily partaking in the Caribbean experience. Junior Carnival also has great generational significance, encouraging the youth to celebrate and embody their culture at an early age. Children who participate will take their early experiences of Carnival and carry on the vibrant traditions in their own time.

Junior Carnival will take place on October 2, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Miami Carnival events 2021 - Junior Carnival
Photo: Zou Zheng/Xinhua/Alamy Live News


Enjoy pulsating energy and breathtaking music from Trinidadian steelpan — the unofficial instrument of the Caribbean — while witnessing the exciting battle of the bands at Panorama. The event is a major highlight of Carnival where people come to watch the main event: the Panorama Steel Band Competition, where some of the best steelpan bands in the world battle for the title of “Champions of the Panorama.” Attendees also spend the evening eating, drinking and dancing the night away.

Miami Carnival events 2021 - Panorama
Photo: Scott Oliver @theStudioMQ

The bands that participate practice all year round. Their performances are judged based on criteria such as visual impact, creativity, craftsmanship, the relationship of their performances to the theme of the competition, portability of their instruments, and overall presentation. 

Panorama is truly a sight (and sound) to behold. The competition is routinely held on the Friday of Carnival week. This year, visit Panorama on October 8, 2021 from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Miami Carnival events 2021 - J'ouvert
Photo: Mark James

Miami Carnival J’ouvert

J’ouvert, French for “dawn” or “daybreak,” is one of the most popular Carnival traditions. This block party takes place early in the morning and features lots of alcohol and lively music, but the main event is the march of people covered by colorful explosions of paint and powder, water, oil, flour, mud and clay. 

Attendees can often see over-the-top characters like the Blue Devils, Black Devils or Jab Jabs,  covered head to toe in color, adorned with horns and spewing fire. Many simpler revelers just put on an old t-shirt and enjoy the occasional splash.

If you’re down for some multi-colored, screaming fun at the break of dawn, then join the J’ouvert merriment early on the morning of October, 9 2021, from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Miami Carnival events 2021 - jouvert, jouvay
Photo: Mark James

Miami Carnival Road March (Grand Parade and Concert)

Featuring more than 18,000 participants divided into diversely themed and uniquely extravagant mas bands, the road march or grand parade is the peak of Miami Carnival. The whole event is an extravagant exhibition of colors, lavish costumes, pageantry and make-believe with all bands competing against one another for the title of “Best Band of the Year,” as well as for the crowning of king, queen and best individual costume.

Music trucks playing non-stop island sounds keep everyone entertained, moving and grooving during the road march until the best international Caribbean soca artists, djs and more take the stage at the live concert. 

Miami Carnival events 2021 - road march
Courtesy: Harris Public Relations

The day-long parade will take place on Sunday, October 10 from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Miami Carnival guarantees fun for everyone, from the participants to the spectators and even the organizers. The island vibes, good music, entertaining and extremely competitive performances, best Caribbean cuisine, and the most beautiful arts and crafts all come together to make Miami Carnival the highly anticipated thrilling celebration of culture that it is.

This year’s celebration marks the 37th year of Miami Carnival and official events will run from Saturday, October 2 to Sunday, October 10. All official Miami Carnival events will take place at the Miami Dade County Fairgrounds, 10901 Coral Way, Miami, Fl.


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