A convenient feature of life in the Caribbean is that the summer season lasts all year. Stay ready for it with pieces from these four Caribbean swimsuit designers, each focused on body positive styles that are perfect for flattering any and every body type.

Keva J Swimwear by Keva Johnson, Jamaica

Caribbean swimsuit designers, beach ready, body positive, Keva J Johnson
Designer Keva Johnson

These days, Keva Johnson is proudly inspiring women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident in their swimwear with her Keva J Swimwear line. “Our motto is ‘same suit, different bodies, same slay!’” Reflecting her island roots, bright colors, tropical patterns and flowy patterns dominate her line. Every detail of her newest line, Wild Tingz, was inspired by her home island, Jamaica, and each suit is named for an actual place there. 

Bold cuts and prints are signatures of her style. “People know our suits just by the designs,” she says. “Customers send us pictures all the time saying I knew it was your suit as soon as I saw it.” Get beach ready with these two beautiful designs from Keva J.!

kevabykevaj.com | @kevajswimwear

The Akila Monokini

“I wanted to create something different that still looked good and is aesthetically pleasing. The perfect diva for this would be a woman that is confident and doesn’t mind showing some skin.”

Caribbean swimsuit designers, beach ready, body positive
Photo: Dionysius Burton 

The Kingston Mesh High Waist Bikini

“This was part of our Wild Tingz Collection. It has a retro feel with mesh sleeves and high waisted bottom, so it conceals but it’s still sexy. This style looks amazing on any body type.”

Caribbean swimsuit designers, beach ready, body positive
Photo: Dionysius Burton

KaliKrochet by Christa-Joy Burton, Antigua

Caribbean swimsuit designers, beach ready, body positive Christa-Joy Burton Antigua
Designer Christa-Joy Burton

Founded in 2016 by then 21-year-old designer Christa-Joy Burton, KaliKrochet was born from her hobby of crocheting intricate swimsuits for herself and her friend group. The line has since turned into a thriving business known for its custom swimwear, each piece handcrafted by Burton herself. 

The brand aesthetic reflects Burton’s island origins with unique embroidery and shell detailing. The brand name pays homage to her indigenous Kalinago (native Indian) roots. “My pieces start from thread and transform into something beautiful,” said Burton. “[This] makes me feel connected to the handcrafters in the hills of Dominica.” 

Because these suits are custom-made to measurement, KaliKrochet ensures that women of all shapes and sizes will find a suit they love. “Swimsuit season shouldn’t be about an ideal body size, it should be about fun summer days by the water,” said Burton. Get beach ready with these two beautiful designs from KaliKrochet!

Kalikrochet.com | @kalikrochet

4 Beach Ready Brands That Prove All Sizes Slay

The KIMI Shell Bikini Set

“The KIMI Shell Set features a stringy bikini top with adjustable square-shaped cups and KaliKrochet’s signature accent, cowrie shells. Mer-babes who don’t mind showing a bit more skin will love this set.”

4 Beach Ready Brands That Prove All Sizes Slay


“The REGGAE Crop Top features the colors of the Rastafarian movement. Mer-babes who want a versatile top that can be used as a bikini or dressed up for a night out will love this top.”

Ochie Swim by Hana Lloyd, Jamaica

Caribbean swimsuit designers, beach ready, body positive - Hana Lloyd Jamaica
Designer Hana Lloyd

For Ochie swimwear creator Hana Lloyd, the natural beauty and environment of her home country, Jamaica, as well as other West Indian countries are major sources of inspiration. The Caribbean contains a melting pot of cultures in a place of unparalleled physical beauty,” she said.

With this in mind, the young designer is especially drawn to vibrant colors and custom prints containing floral, animal and nature themes when creating her striking swimsuits. Each piece is also ethically handmade and adorned with gold cord ends, intricate hardware and other fine finishes that seamlessly blend contemporary with timeless Caribbean style.

Another strong principle at the forefront of Lloyd’s mind when creating swimwear is her strong notion that every body is a bikini body. “I think the idea of a perfect body type or ‘bikini body’ is changing with beautiful, confident, successful women like Lizzo and Ashley Graham gracing popular magazine covers and being role models in the body positivity movement,” she said. For Lloyd, her overarching goal for Ochie is simply to make sure all her customers feel good about themselves. Get beach ready with these two beautiful designs from Ochie Swim!

destinationochie.com | @ochieswim_official

4 Beach Ready Brands That Prove All Sizes Slay
Photo: Daniela Rettore

Diana One Piece

“A unique retro-inspired halter style with functional buttons — that’s how I’d describe the Diana. It has a high cut and medium-cheeky coverage.”

4 Beach Ready Brands That Prove All Sizes Slay
Photo: Daniela Rettore

Olivia One Piece

“The Olivia is perfect to accentuate one’s curves with fun and flirty versatile sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulder. This suit can also be worn out of the water as a bodysuit.”

Island Pop Swimwear by Melissa Bonadie, St.Vincent & The Grenadines

Caribbean swimsuit designers, beach ready, body positive - Melissa Bonadie St Vincent
Designer Melissa Bonadie, Photo: Travis Roberts

Vincentian born designer, Melissa Bonadie, was originally inspired to open Island Pop Swimwear in 2019 simply due to the lack of swimwear stores and options for purchasing suits in her hometown of St. Vincent. “If you needed a swimsuit, your best option was ordering online,” she said. This eventually led to exploring designing her own swimwear, leading to the creation of a brand focused on intricate designs, endless style and fun colors and fabrics inspired by the beautiful landscapes of St. Vincent.

Her new, introductory line, Oshün, emphasizes body positivity and confidence through its sexy cuts and silhouettes. “We are a culture of confident women, whether you are a size 0 or size 14. I wanted a line that accentuated the body and allows the wearer to walk confidently in her sexiness and femininity. It isn’t about the perfect body, it’s about being you,” Bonadie said. Get beach ready with these two beautiful designs from Island Pop Swimwear!


Nissi Swimsuit

“Inspired by coral reef snakes and designed for the sexy diva.”

The Kaiyo and Kai Bikinis

“These bikinis, Kaiyo (left) and Kai (right), are inspired by colorful sea anemones and perfect for the flirty diva.”


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