4 Simple Ways to Spend More Time Outside

Make the most of where you live year-round, and take advantage of your beautiful natural surroundings! Even a few minutes at a time can help you recharge and make you feel more upbeat.

Jazz in the Gardens 2024
Jazz in the Gardens 2024

Check out these four simple ways to spend more time outside to give yourself a positive mindset!

Beach Workouts

4 Simple Ways to Spend More Time Outside

Move your workout from the gym to the beach! Some exercises can benefit from the outdoors. Find a secluded spot to center yourself for yoga, or take your run from the treadmill to the sand. The resistance from the sand will make your workout heart-pounding and can also make high-impact moves easier on your joints.

Water Sports

One of the best ways to enjoy where we live is to get out on the water. Consider becoming involved in a water sport to increase your time outside. You don’t have to be overly athletic to be active on the water; some water sports are more about relaxing than athleticism. Here are a few water sports to consider:

  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Sailing
  • Water polo
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Jet skiing
4 Simple Ways to Spend More Time Outside

Lunch Hours

If it’s possible, spend your lunch hour outside. Find a park or bench nearby where you can eat, and then take a walk once you’re finished. You’ll finish your workday with more focus after giving yourself time to decompress from any stress. Biking or walking to work can also help you start your day off right.

If you work from home, create an outdoor space to make relaxing a little bit easier—plant a garden with seating or add a hammock to your backyard.

Backyard Parties

Take advantage of the tropical weather to host parties year-round! Instead of celebrating a birthday or special occasion at a restaurant, invite friends and family to enjoy a spectacular sunset. Consider adding a deck or patio to maximize your outdoor space. Decks can make any outdoor get-together more accessible and enjoyable.

With these simple ways to spend more time outside, you’ll see the mental and physical benefits of the sunshine and fresh air in no time!


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