A gift of $131 from Food For The Poor’s Christmas Gift Catalog will provide a family living in poverty with a goat as a nutritional resource and a potential source of income. Photo/Food For The Poor

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. (Nov. 2, 2023) – The holidays are fast approaching, which means now is the ideal time to find thoughtful gifts for family and friends. Food For The Poor’s (FFTP) Christmas Gift Catalog offers a variety of options that will be a blessing to all concerned, including the donor, the person with a gift made in their honor, and the people who receive the help the gift provides.

“Making a donation to help a child or a family in need is a beautiful way to honor a loved one, especially if they share your care and concern for people who live in countries where healthy food, safe water, and livable housing are in short supply, if available at all,” FFTP President/CEO Ed Raine said. “There is no greater gift.” 

Using the FFTP digital catalog, donors can search and browse the entire selection of gifts. They can shop by price or by the category of the items that match their humanitarian aspirations, including food assistance, home assistance, access to water, micro-enterprise, and medical supplies.

View the catalog online at foodforthepoor.org/giftcatalog.

Donors will find a variety of gifts that will enhance the lives of families in need and bring satisfaction to the people they honor. They can choose from popular items that fit almost any budget, such as $10 for a fruit tree, $27 to feed a family of four for a month, and $150 for a solar-powered light kit to illuminate a home.

Bundled gifts offer donors the option to package two gifts into one donation. For example, donors can help put poverty-stricken families on a path to sustainability with a $460 bundled gift that combines a gift of wire, wood, and hardware to build one chicken coop with a gift of 20 chicks/chickens. The chicks/chickens provide families with a sustainable source of protein from eggs as well as supplemental income from the sale of extra eggs.

“Gifts that offer sustainability make a lasting impact,” Raine said. “They provide an ongoing source of food and income that help in our efforts to lift families out of poverty and put them on a path of taking care of their families from one generation to the next.”

Food For The Poor, one of the largest international relief and development organizations in the nation, does much more than feed millions of hungry children and families living in poverty primarily in 17 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. This interdenominational Christian ministry provides emergency relief assistance, water, medicine, educational materials, homes, support for vulnerable children, care for the aged, skills training and micro-enterprise development assistance. For more information, please visit foodforthepoor.org.


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