Dig In! Ways To Make Your Dining Room More Inviting

Caribbean culture is defined by its cuisine. From sizzling goat curry and hearty stew to fresh fried plantains and grilled jerk chicken, all of it speaks of the rich cultural diversity of our islands. But the most important part of the meal is when young and old sit down together to laugh, talk, and make memories. Why not set the stage for these memories with these ways to make your dining room more inviting?

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Turn on the Light

As humans, we naturally feel ill at ease in dark places, even if we aren’t afraid of the dark. Sunlight, on the other hand, makes us feel calm, focused, and happy. When you’re looking for ways to make your dining room more inviting, start by maximizing the natural light in the space. Choose light-colored window treatments and walls, and add a wall mirror to make the room feel brighter.

Dig In! Ways To Make Your Dining Room More Inviting

Pro Tip: Make Your Own Sunlight

Harsh, artificial light can negatively impact our mood and sleep patterns. When choosing an artificial light source, opt for bulbs that mimic natural light, like halogen bulbs.

Color Your World

Color has a profound effect on our mood. When you’re choosing a paint color for your dining room, keep welcoming emotions in mind. The warm side of the color wheel, with its reds, oranges, and yellows, lends itself to warm, comforting feelings. Not to mention—red and yellow tend to awaken our appetite, making them the perfect colors for your dining room.

Stain Your Wood

Speaking of warm colors, if you have wood anywhere in your dining room, it can also contribute warm colors to your room. But wood gets scuffed and faded over time, especially in a room as busy as your dining room. Fortunately, wood stains can help revitalize your wood and add warmer color notes.

See Green

Dig In! Ways To Make Your Dining Room More Inviting

The Caribbean is filled with outdoor patios in restaurants and homes alike. But if you’re living a little further away from the equator, you can’t eat outside year-round. In those cases, you can bring a little of the outside in with some potted plants. For a little taste of home, consider adding potted yuccas, palms, and bamboo to your dining room.


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