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Filled with bountiful sunlight and tropical colors, it’s no wonder why the Caribbean remains a everlasting inspiration for interior design. But for Caribbean decor fans, recreating the iconic style can get tricky. This proves especially difficult when you live in a place far beyond the region’s sunny climbs. With just a few tweaks and changes however, you can easily add a little more island flair to your home, no matter where you live. Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite quick tips to capture that perfect island vibes. And if you’re feeling inspired, check out more interior ideas from some Caribbean designers.

Be Bold With Color

No matter what color the sky outside, your home can always feel like a day in paradise with a health dose of color. Instead of basic whites, try interesting hues on your walls, with vivid paints and wallpapers. Or if you’re more conservative, inject a little color with your upholstery. We love how this beautiful living room in a Havana villa embraces color. The peach-hut armchairs and mint-colored panels perfectly complement the villa’s original title.

Get One With Nature

We may not all live in places surrounded by tropical greenery, but that does not mean you can’t bring the great outdoors inside. Add some potted plants around your home to refresh your style. There are so many varieties that still thrive under low light. Not only do plants add color and texture, they also improve your indoor air quality for an extra health boost. We particularly love the tropical snake plant, which proves notorious hardy indoors.

Add A Little Texture

From luxe sea island cotton to wicker furniture, Caribbean design loves to incorporate tons of natural texture into the home. We love how the Dominican Republic design firm Disentos infused raw textures into this living room design in Juan Dolio. The layers of texture include linen curtains, a rattan area rug, a bamboo armchair, and rich basket weaving on the chic ottomans and wall accents.

Embrace Your Antiques

Every Caribbean family has that one piece of classic furniture, made in enduring tropical woods like mahogany. No matter how your style evolves, embrace this stylish inheritance by making these piece your own. Designer Kelly Nieves totally transformed this “squatters” armchair that her father brought from Trinidad when the family migrated. A little velvet reupholstery and a fun throw pillow gave this antique a new lease on life in her home.

Explore Caribbean Art

There’s a new and vibrant generation of Caribbean artists across the Diaspora. So why not celebrate the region’s rich artistic tradition with a piece at home? Check out local galleries in the region for new artists. Or, if you’re craving a piece that’s outside the budget, get a print instead of your favorite artwork. We especially love this beautifully tropical portrait by Dominican artist Tania Marmolejo Andersson.


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