The color alone makes me want to dive into this smoothie…literally and figuratively. I had a smoothie from a smoothie bar that had beets and ginger and I knew that I could make it better. That combination of beets and fruit was something I have never had before. So I created my Berry Beet Ginger Superfood Smoothie (can you say that five times) recipe to share with you!

berry beet ginger superfood smoothieTo be completely honest, I was not…we will say…confident using beets as a regular go-to vegetable. I mean look at them! Do you eat the stem? Do you peel it? Will it stain my counters? During my first few tries at the smoothie, I was so intimidated that I used canned beets (drained and well rinsed) instead of fresh. And I still loved it. But I knew I had to figure out fresh beets if I wanted to make this smoothie the right way at home.

berry beet ginger superfood smoothieI eventually I got over my irrational intimidation of beets and created a fresh, tasty, and healthy smoothie recipe. The smoothie is silky smooth, creamy, vibrant, berry goodness with a hint of spice from the ginger. I always try to incorporate some form of vegetable into my fruit smoothies, which is usually a handful of fresh spinach. What I love about this smoothie is that I get a helping of veggies in a different way. It makes it so much easier to get your veggies in when you can add it to a smoothie and not taste it ? have it work well together with your fruits.

berry beet ginger superfood smoothieberry beet ginger superfood smoothie

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Berry Beet Ginger Superfood Smoothie

This Berry Beet Ginger Superfood Smoothie is silky smooth, creamy & vibrant with a hint of spice from the ginger. The perfect blend of fruits and veggies!

Read the full recipe here…

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