Bingeable Caribbean YouTube Shows

You don’t need a hefty cable bill to watch amazing content, especially if you want to see shows that reflect your Caribbean heritage. Mainstream TV doesn’t satisfy when you’re longing for a connection to home. And whether you’re looking for documentaries, celebrity interviews, reality TV, shared experiences or comedy, Caribbean YouTube Shows offer it all. Here are our top 7 most bingeable Caribbean YouTube shows you need to check out ASAP. 

American Black Film Festival

Jamaicans to the World 

Hosted by, the leading site for all things Jamaican, this YouTube series focuses on what it’s like being a Jamaican living in places all over the world. founder Xavier Murphy interviews Jamaicans from everywhere from China to Ireland, talking about their experience being away from home and adjusting to the new culture around them. Informative interviews discuss food, language, culture, sports, music and adjusting to life as an expatriate. The series and website offer a virtual home away from home, inviting Jamaicans all over to feel more connected to their culture, and non-Jamaicans to learn about it.

Meet the Mitchells

In this hilarious YouTube reality show, Tami and Wayne Mitchell, along with their three sons, give insight into life as a celebrity Jamaican family living in Kingston. Between diapers, arguments, cooking and COVID, the Mitchells share their lives with the world, showing pieces of Jamaica along the way. 

Yellow Cow TV

Hilarious and often all over the place, Trinidad and Tobago’s Yellow Cow TV never covers just one subject. Celebrity hosts Nadia Batson and Miss Alysha talk Caribbean gossip, jokes, issues, and hot topics with each other and special guests, with their favorite hard beverages in hand. Get insight into your favorite soca artists, like Hey Choppi, Lyrikal and Nailah Blackman. Sit back and relax. If this show doesn’t make you laugh within the first two minutes, nothing will. 

Odyssey with Yendi

Former Miss Jamaica World Yendi Phillips is adding a new title to her repertoire: YouTube Host. In her YouTube series, Odyssey with Yendi, she talks with celebrities, influencers and leaders in the Caribbean community who she defines as “shape shifters, game changers and people with something to share.” The YouTube page is perfect for travel enthusiasts, sports fans, those wanting to get a sneak peak into the lives of trailblazing figures or those just looking to be inspired.

Based on a Drue Story with Ricardo Drue

In this series, Ricardo Drue, an Antigua-based singer, deep dives into personal experiences in his career in the soca music industry and life in general. The videos feel like a personal one-on-one discussion with Drue as he talks directly into the camera, getting real about hard times in the music industry, growing up as a self proclaimed underdog in Antigua, giving advice and some behind the scenes footage of record production and commentary from his friends and family. If you’re looking to get to know Drue more, this is the video series for you.

876 Questions

90 questions with your favorite Jamaican personalities? Count us in! In this interview series, creator and host Karl Larmond Jr. meets with some of the country’s most intriguing celebrities, asking them 90 unique questions that seek to get to the core of who they are. Past interviewees include Olympic gold medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, former Miss Jamaica Cindy Breakspeare, host of Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall Yanique Curvy Diva, and Reggae revivalist Jesse Royal with girlfriend Kandi King. Interviews generally take place in the celebrity’s home which creates an intimate, relaxed and comforting environment that makes the series delightful to watch. 

Taste the Islands

This nationwide cooking show brings the flavor of the Caribbean right to your screen. Taste the Islands takes you on a complete culinary experience with mouthwatering recipes, celebrity chefs and the hilarious Taste the Islands Yellow Cab Karaoke sub-series where famous Caribbean musicians sing along to their own songs and reveal exclusive, behind the scenes info about their work and life. Discover new recipes from Chef Irie and Chef Thia and learn how to cook dishes like snapper ceviche, chicken pelau, mussels chorizo and more. You don’t need a passport to Taste the Islands!


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