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Did you find yourself clicking on a link to learn about why Clarks are the official shoes of Jamaican men? Or binge-watching the Jamaicans to the World series where Xavier Murphy interviews Jamaicans from everywhere from Norway to Australia? Then you’re already familiar with the #1 website for yardies abroad.

For Jamaicans living off the island, offers a virtual home away from home. Visitors to the site can explore every aspect of the country online through their extensive collection of articles on culture, food, photographs, politics, music and more. It is especially popular as the go-to resource for Jamaicans in the diaspora who often visit to renew their connection to the island, to its people, food, culture and to reminisce about their lives there.

“I just had to write and thank you for a wonderful website. My 11-year-old son needed to do a school report on Jamaica and found your site to be VERY helpful! Thank you so much for the Jamaica for Kids section!”

The site is a great place for anyone interested in the island to learn about its heritage and the origins of Jamaican customs. Learn the dialect, explore its rich history of folklore and proverbs or look up an authentic Jamaican recipe. The collection is frequently consulted by expatriate Jamaicans who can’t find their favorite foods overseas or want to seek comfort in creating a cherished recipe from their childhood home, but also by the many fans of Jamaican cuisine around the world wanting to try their hand at making island dishes.

“ is a Godsend. I was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica and left at the age of 15 to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Having a venue like to reach my fellow Jamaicans is a dream come true. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!”

A Virtual Home Away from the Island

The site is brought to life with vibrant contributed photographs and graphics that showcase the beauty and vibe of Jamaica to visitors. It also offers up-to-date news and media stories, travel information, coverage of music and culture, features about Jamaicans around the world, and informative articles for anyone wanting to learn more about the country.

“This website is wonderful! I’ve spent quite a few hours looking for a good Jamaican resource online…I can’t believe I just now found you. Your recipes are truly authentic, compared to all the other “so-called Jamaican” recipes floating around. It is very informative and easy to navigate. Thank you for creating such a good website.”

Within the past decade, the platform has expanded its presence to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with a variety of live programs that cover a range of topics from the Jamaican perspective. The site’s founder, Xavier Murphy, hosts a program of one-on-one interviews featuring Jamaicans living overseas with the goal of speaking to islanders in every country in the world. Other programs cover relationships, finances, authors and books, issues of justice, and more.

“Words aren’t enough to describe how pleased and proud mi feel fi si mi bredda an sista dem from yawd an farin a express demself pon disya medium. Respect to whoever is responsible for inventing a home away from home especially for Jamaicans who want to keep abreast of the runnings. This site is truly AMAZING!!!!”

As some of the site’s testimonials have proven, can be a lifeline to those who find themselves beyond the borders of their beloved home country.


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