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March is Women’s History Month so Island Origins has decided to profile some truly remarkable women, like the Director, Sales and Marketing at The Bahamas Tourist Office, Betty Bethel-Moss.

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“Leave empty. Do not go to your grave with knowledge and gifts locked away in you.” Dr. Myles Munroe

From a childhood on the pink sand beaches of the island of Eleuthera, Betty Bethel-Moss has evolved to the highest ranks in marketing for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism in the United States. She has spent 42 years promoting her native Bahamas, primarily having been stationed in Texas and Florida. Betty Bethel-Moss received the Cacique Award for sales and marketing — the highest honor given in The Bahamas’ hospitality industry — for her work on the “Out Islands of The Bahamas” campaign. 

Women’s History Month Words of Wisdom

Most significant accomplishment:

Working in the marketplace for my country while being Bahamian has been my greatest joy and pleasure. To be able to influence people, through your own eyes, on where you grew up, the things that you experienced, the unique cultures and seeing people excited to travel to your country — that would be the kind of contribution that I think is most significant.

Influence of upbringing:

I grew up around strong, outspoken, get-it-done women. As a result, I don’t have a problem speaking my mind when necessary, or simply getting things done.

Gender-based career challenges:

For government, you find that most of the decision-makers are male. You could have been made to feel that [a woman] could only be a clerk or a secretary. When I began my career, that was the thinking — that you could not aspire to anything beyond a certain level because of the heavy testosterone. To make it to a director! There was a time when I didn’t think that I could get beyond the clerical. But I was never deterred, always determined and never ever felt that I couldn’t rise to another level.

Women's History Month with Betty Bethel-Moss
Betty Bethel-Moss
Photo: Lynda Wells Photography of Freeport

Thoughts on barriers to women leadership:

Unfortunately, I think sometimes we are our own worst enemy. I have seen insecurity that has allowed other women to not carry their female counterparts along. I would like to see women be more mentoring and more embracing of other women. Don’t be afraid to just be who you are and don’t be afraid of your deficiency because you’ll never have it all. 

Recommended steps to building confidence:

You should be prepared with the knowledge of whatever it is you’re taking on. I find that the confidence builder is preparation, but also knowing what you want and never allowing yourself to be diminished. You have to own whatever it is you want. 

Intended legacy:

I wish to have imparted everything I have learned and experienced to my younger family members and to my mentees, leaving them armed with knowledge and information, and empowering and building character in these future leaders. I believe your character is your road to success and accomplishment. 

Advice for the next generation:

Turn your disappointments into opportunities and stay in positive environments around positive and productive people. Never compromise. Whatever assignment you take on in life, approach it big with the highest standards and quality. Treat yourself like a Queen. Most importantly, trust God!

Recommended reading:

“The Power of Character in Leadership” by Dr. Myles Munroe and “Becoming” by Michelle Obama.


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