Why an Outboard Could Be the Perfect Motor for Your Boat

Are you looking to upgrade your boat motor to something better suited to your outdoor lifestyle? Consider installing an outboard motor, which has a variety of advantages over an older inboard model. Discover why an outboard could be the perfect motor for your boat.

High Fuel Efficiency

Outboard motor technology has made incredible advancements toward better fuel efficiency in recent years. These motors burn far less fuel at low speeds, but even at higher speeds, you get a decent bang for your buck. And if you’re looking to transition away from gas power entirely, consider an electric outboard.

Less Noise

You might think that because an outboard sits on the outside of the boat’s hull, it will be loud and aggressive. This is actually a common myth about outboards that’s been debunked thanks to years of technological advances. When they’re idling, many outboard models are difficult to hear at all.

Ease of Maintenance

Because an outboard model is not built into the hull of the boat, it’s relatively easy to pop open for performing basic maintenance. Thus, many boat owners are able to complete oil and filter changes themselves.

In addition, outboard motors don’t need to be winterized the way inboards do. An outboard’s cooling systems are self-draining, so there’s no risk of components freezing up in cold weather.

Cheaper Than Buying a New Boat

If you’ve been having technical problems with your boat’s current motor, you might start shopping around for a replacement boat. However, if the motor is the only problem, you might want to consider just replacing that part. Repowering your beloved boat with an outboard motor can breathe new life into your boating adventures without the price tag of a brand-new vessel.

Has your boating experience grown stale or costly to maintain? Give your boat a makeover with the help of a new outboard. It could be the perfect motor for your boat, boasting higher fuel efficiency and easier maintenance between trips.


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