A long wooden walkway leading up to a modest beachfront house. The day is sunny with some cloud cover.

Every rental property is subject to the possibility of sitting empty—even properties as enviable as coastal ones. Depending on how nice the property is, how much you charge, and how much effort you invest in marketing, your success in attracting tenants isn’t guaranteed. If your coastal rental doesn’t attract tenants at the moment, here’s what to do.

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Up the Aesthetic Appeal

First impressions matter, especially in the rental market. The good news is that your coastal rental property has inherent charm—few people wouldn’t love to live on a beach. However, that doesn’t mean you should let your property’s surroundings do all the work.

Make sure your property looks inviting from the get-go. Consider updating outdated furniture, applying a fresh coat of paint, and investing in regular cleaning services.

Pro Tip

Upload beautiful, high-quality photos that capture the best features of your property to entice potential renters.

Price It Right

Sure, your property is on the beach, but are you using that as an excuse to charge way too much? Even the wealthiest of rental seekers will choose your competitor if they offer a similarly beautiful coastal property at a better price.

Therefore, know what properties in your area are charging, and don’t deviate too much unless you have a good reason to. For example, a pool would be cause for a price increase if your competitors don’t offer this amenity.

Pro Tip

Offering seasonal discounts or promotions can also help draw interest during slower periods.

Turn to the Web

Are you using the Internet to its fullest extent? It’s essential for increasing visibility for your coastal rental.

For one, make sure you have accounts on social media platforms to showcase your property and reach a broader audience. Don’t forget to highlight unique selling points like proximity to the beach, stunning views, or special amenities.

Additionally, there are plenty of online resources for finding new tenants. Websites like Zillow, Vrbo, and Airbnb are great places to list your property. Additionally, join online forums and local Facebook groups to advertise your rental and connect with potential tenants directly.

Leverage Local Advertising

Not everyone is searching online for rental listings; many people like to hear about renting opportunities in more traditional ways. Therefore, local advertising can be incredibly effective.

All you have to do is create eye-catching flyers and distribute them in community centers, cafes, and other local hotspots.

Now you know what to do if your coastal rental doesn’t attract tenants. By trying these steps, you’ll most likely see an uptick in interest. Best of luck!


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