A beach house's beautiful kitchen. The space is painted white and features high-quality appliances and indoor plants.

Are you lucky enough to own a beach home but struggling to decorate it without going overboard with Pinterest inspiration from the 2010s? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Here are some fantastic decorating tips for beach homes that aren’t tacky so you can enjoy the coastal vibes in style.

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Use Coastal Colors in Moderation

Skip the over-the-top seaside themes and focus instead on incorporating soft colors inspired by the beach. These might be light blues, sandy beiges and crisp whites. Layering these colors subtly throughout your home can create a relaxing, beachy atmosphere without hitting guests over the head with it.

Pro Color-Matching Tip

Make your house fit in perfectly with a photo of your view of the beach and an online HEX number finder. Simply upload your photo and use the tool to isolate a color in the photo. The tool will give its HEX number, which you can use to print the exact color and color match at the paint store.

Install Large, Unique Windows

One of the best ways to make your beach home feel tied to its surroundings is by allowing natural light to flood the interior. Install large, unique windows to take full advantage of your coastal views. Windows with unconventional shapes or striking trim can serve as statement pieces.

For example, garden windows in kitchen spaces have many benefits, and you don’t even need a garden! They’re the perfect spot to rest and enjoy your beachside view in the bright sunlight.

Choose Natural Materials

To avoid a kitschy or contrived look, incorporate natural materials into your decor. Opt for wooden furniture, jute rugs, and linen fabrics. These elements bring a sense of warmth and authenticity to your beach home.

Incorporate Subtle Nautical Elements

Nautical elements can indeed be stylish if done right. Subtle incorporations like rope detailing on a mirror, anchor-shaped cabinet pulls, or a classic compass wall hanging all work nicely. These small touches nod to the nautical without overwhelming your space, making it chic and tasteful.

With these decorating tips for beach homes that aren’t tacky, you’ll transform your seaside retreat into a stylish and cozy haven. Keep things simple and turn to nature as your inspiration. Best of luck!


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