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PankoCheese 1024x683

I caught my wife eating this out of the jar twice this week. I wanted to find cheap quick way to get that cheesy Parmesan flavor without the equipment or expensive cashews. So I came up with my delicious, quick, and cheap Vegan Panko Breadcrumb Parmesan Cheese.

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vegan panko breadcrumb parmesan cheeseWhat I love most about this recipe is that it doesn’t have to be refrigerated and can be made in less than a minute. It tops EVERYTHING! I use it kind of how I top everything with my Tofu Bacon Crumbles. Did I mention that it browns in the oven like cheese?

vegan panko breadcrumb parmesan cheeseLike most of my recipes, this is a great alternative to actual Parmesan cheese because it’s virtually fat free (depending on your panko brand) and about 300 calories for the entire recipe. Fulfilling those New Year’s resolutions will be easier than ever with a swap like this.

vegan panko breadcrumb parmesan cheese

Vegan Panko Breadcrumb Parmesan Cheese


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