Another new LIFE CHANGING recipe! I’m a sucker for all things saucy especially ranch but I wanted a lighter/lower calorie version of the real thing that didn’t taste like I was missing the real thing. I’ve been making hummus dressings for a while now and it was time I took measurements so I could share the amazingness of my Vegan Garlic Hummus Ranch Dressing.

Vegan Garlic Hummus Ranch DressingGarlicky, creamy, tangy dressing goodness. I use this stuff with everything. The obvious choice would be with a salad but you can use this for so much more. Late night chip cravings? Hummus Ranch with Celery and Carrots. Burrito bowl needs a sauce? Hummus Ranch. Need a dip to bring to last minute party you were invited to? Hummus Ranch. Thirsty? Hummus Ranch. I’m kidding…but not really. After making the recipe for the pics I could help but having some by the spoonful. ?

Vegan Garlic Hummus Ranch DressingI’m not new to the substitution game. I love creating recipes by swapping out a traditional ingredient for one that is higher in protein, lower calorie, or just all around healthier. A prime example would be my Tofu Nacho Cheese or Cauliflower Carbonara with Tofu Bacon. In this instance, I swapped out the vegan mayo for plain hummus. Not only is it much lower in fat and calories but also less processed and provides some nutritional value while being ridiculously delicious. It also ticks all the trendy vegan boxes. ? It’s gluten-free, oil-free, low fat, and made with whole plant foods.

Vegan Garlic Hummus Ranch Dressing

If you make this LIFE CHANGING recipe, let me know in the comments ??

Vegan Garlic Hummus Ranch Dressing


Appetizer, Sauce, Side Dish


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