Superfoods You Can Incorporate Into Your Diet

Everyone’s heard of superfoods by now. Some foods just pack a stronger punch than others! On the islands, you probably already have some coconut in your diet. Why not branch out and try some other foods? Check out some superfoods you can incorporate into your diet today.


Loaded with probiotics, a serving of yogurt every day will keep your gut healthy. Plain yogurt is also a perfect base for a superfood parfait—throw in a handful of blueberries and a sprinkling of chia seeds. Fermented products like yogurt, kombucha, and even sauerkraut are great for your gut.


Talk about an easy superfood to slip into your diet! Tomatoes are crisp, delicious, acidic—and loaded with vitamin C. You’ll also find plenty of lycopene, which may help prevent some kinds of cancer. Cook tomatoes into a sauce or stew to draw out that lycopene.

Wagyu Beef

It may seem counterintuitive, but some kinds of red meat are massively beneficial for your health. Even though Wagyu beef has that extra fat content, it’s all monounsaturated, so it won’t clog your arteries. It’s also packed with iron and other essential minerals! If you’re not a big red meat eater, or if you’re transitioning away from a vegetarian lifestyle, eat smaller portions of only the finest cuts of meat. Incorporating beef back into your diet can greatly benefit your health.

Superfoods You Can Incorporate Into Your Diet


Living an island life, you’re surrounded on all sides by the sea. Let it work for you! Pick up some fresh fish from the market (or catch it yourself). Fish are particularly high in omega-3 fatty acids and healthy oils that help prevent heart disease.


Human beings have known for centuries that there’s something special about garlic. People used wreaths of garlic and its blossoms to ward off the evil eye (not to mention vampires!). In actuality, garlic has antibacterial qualities and can help ward off high blood pressure. Don’t be afraid to be generous when using garlic in your cooking!

It can be super easy—and super delicious—to get superfoods on your plate. Think beyond the traditional nuts and berries as you amp up your meals. Let this list of superfoods you can incorporate into your diet inspire you next time you’re at the grocery store.



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