5 Fun Water Sports You Have To Try This Summer

Ready to hit the water this summer? While swimming and surfing make for a thrilling time, they aren’t the only ways to have a blast in the ocean. Check out these five awesome water sports you have to try—these fun and adrenaline-pumping activities are must-dos for active and adventurous folk who love the sea!

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Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a leisurely water sport where you stand, kneel, or lay on a specialty paddle board and use your arms or a paddle to propel yourself through the water. This activity is great for those who want to take it easy and admire the nearby scenery.

Water Skiing

Water skiing involves skiing on water rather than on a snowy hill. Hop on a ski or two (your choice), hitch yourself to a boat, and soar across the ocean at impressive speeds. This sport is great for those who like to move fast, but you have to have decent muscular strength and endurance if you want to ski without sinking beneath the waves.

Flyboard Flying

Have you ever wished you could soar majestically over the ocean like a seagull? Well, now you can, thanks to the invention of the flyboard! A flyboard is a water-propelled device with jet nozzles attached to a pair of boots. Using a flyboard, you can fly up to 72 ft in the air. It’s not ideal for those who fear heights, but it’s a gripping experience for those who don’t mind them!

Spinnaker Flying

A spinnaker is a sail that resembles a parachute. While they’re usually attached to boats, you can now attach them to yourself and paraglide across the sky above the sea, taking in the view and basking in the cool ocean breeze.


Wakeboarding is similar to water skiing in that you stand on a board and are towed across the waves by a boat. The difference? When you wakeboard, you’re encouraged to pull off as many aerial tricks as you can, from spins to twirls to jumps. If you want to show off your latest dance moves or gymnastic feats on the water, this is the sport for you!

Make the most of this summer by trying these five fun and unconventional water sports. You’ll find a new appreciation for the sea after seeing how much it has to offer!


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