Reasons Why Yoga Makes You a Better Surfer

It’s virtually impossible to pick up a surfboard and master the skill. It takes time and practice to even stand upright on the board. However, if you are skilled in this manner, you may try some exercises to improve your craft. Yoga and surfing go hand in hand, considering yoga helps improve aspects of yourself that aid in the water. These reasons why yoga makes you a better surfer explain why they are worth establishing in your daily workouts.

Reduces Injuries

A calm morning yoga routine is appropriate for preparing the muscles, ligaments, and mind before grabbing your board. Likewise, a relaxing nighttime session reduces muscular pain and protects fatigued surfers from injury. Yin and Restorative yoga methods are excellent for releasing tight muscles. Poses that can last over five minutes will rejuvenate the entire body.

Flexible & Stronger

Surfing is about more than just paddle force; it’s also about a range of intricate movements that require outstanding flexibility. Lateral stretches, forward bends, and posture exercises provide your body the nimbleness to ride the wave. You can test your flexibility on land with a longboard if you need it since that’s the closest thing to surfing you can get besides actually doing it.

Additionally, you can do yoga in a manner that incorporates muscular strength training. Yoga proves it’s equally beneficial to using light weights or resistance bands. Holding positions is also helpful for building strength, considering the tension your muscles endure if you don’t have any weights.

Improves Your Focus

When you’re out on the water, you need to react instantly. Furthermore, you must also continually pay attention to the water and move accordingly to position yourself for catching waves. With the sharpest attention and the fastest thinking, the surfer will undoubtedly be ahead of the curve.

Yoga enables you to have a clear focus and inner calmness. This helps you concentrate your thoughts, making it easier for you to give complete attention to any circumstance in the water. 

Strengthens Lung Capacity

Athletes strive to expand their lung capacity to improve their performance. Yoga breathing techniques aid in increasing lung capacity. Breath and movement are supposed to be in sync during a yoga lesson. This aids in developing mindful breathing and exhalation, and bodily awareness. 

Boosts Confidence

Finally, yoga can help you improve your self-confidence, giving you the motivation required to tackle the most challenging tasks. Yoga allows you to listen to your body. If you ignore what your body is telling you, you open yourself up to failure and possible injury. An attentive mind goes a long way to recognizing your abilities and building that self-confidence.

Explaining the reasons why yoga makes you a better surfer proves how valuable an exercise regimen it can be if you are an avid surfer. Even if it doesn’t help you ride that monster wave, it’s a helpful method to stay in peak athletic condition.


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