What Beginner Surfers Need To Know Before Hitting the Waves

Taking up any new sport is a challenge, but surfing may be the most challenging of all. Most people who surf tend to live near the ocean and do it regularly. If you love the sea and want to spend more time in it, start learning surfer basics. Find out what beginner surfers need to know.

Find a Mentor

To learn the right techniques to surf, you may want to find or hire someone who already has the skills. This person will guide you through the basics and help you understand the nature of the ocean and how to surf it. Even the most experienced surfers wipe out, so expect to do so, too, on your first several tries.

Choose the Right Surfboard

What Beginner Surfers Need To Know Before Hitting the Waves

You’ll have a better chance of catching waves with a surfboard designed to do so. Choose a board with a lot of volume and a flat rocker. You want a board that is thick, long, and flat, so consider a longboard or a foamboard.

Surfing Equipment Maintenance

Part of learning to surf is learning how to take care of your equipment. Keep your surfboard in a bag when it’s not in use, and clear off all the sand after using it. If you surf in a wetsuit, you should clean that as well. It’s important to know how to fix marine zippers so that you don’t damage your expensive equipment.

Practice Often

Surfing is one of the most difficult sports. The waves are constantly changing, so you must be mindful of each movement you make. You’re bound to wipe out most days, but once you hit that perfect wave, you’ll consider yourself an experienced surfer.

What Beginner Surfers Need To Know Before Hitting the Waves

Location Matters

Obviously, you want to surf in the ocean where the waves are high enough to catch your board. Check wave conditions at the beach you want to surf to see if they work for your skill level. Further, choose an area that isn’t too populated. Overcrowded beaches make surfing more dangerous for you and swimmers.

Enjoy all the beaches of the Caribbean from a new perspective when you engage in this incredible sport. Keep this guide for what beginner surfers need to know nearby, and find a mentor to start teaching you surfing basics.


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