What does our future look like?

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Future Caribbean by SEORA
Photo: Jimmy October For SEORA, Shot By Olajùwon Scott.

We’ve all tried to imagine the future. From flying cars and houses on the moon to jetpack backpacks and moon boots, the world has skimmed through varying perspectives of what the future looks like. We all know The Jetsons and Back To The Future. We’ve seen their perspective. But what about ours? Is George Jetson flying to go play a game of dominoes as he listens to his favorite hot new reggae chune? Are we taking our flying car from Trinidad to Tobago to get that well needed beach day, with a crate of Carib beer in the trunk? Most importantly, what are we wearing?

Future Caribbean by SEORA
Photo: Jimmy October For SEORA, Shot By Olajùwon Scott.

With the Caribbean’s biggest exports being culture and good vibes, we know that one thing is for certain—fashion is at the heart of it all. With our eye-catching hues, form bending silhouettes and edgy styling, there’s no question that nothing defines an era like what is worn at the time.

Future Caribbean imagines modern fashion (namely street wear) drenched in Caribbean flair. We are wearing our gender neutral cargo jacket set, bleached to perfection to favour our beloved Caribbean Sea. We’ve got on our wrap visor sunglasses, and our hang earrings—but we can’t forget our timeless meshaz (mesh marina) and our clean clean sneakers. Oh, and we’re also wearing every single chain we own, 24 karat or not (thank you Shabba).

We determine modernity. We embrace our history. We choose the elements we want to bring forward with us. The future of the Caribbean is interlinked with its past. And our future feels familiar, it feels like home. We continue to push forward— one hand on the door to the future, the other holding the pieces that made us. We juxtapose future with vintage, because we stand on the shoulders of those who championed our past, forever grateful for their sacrifices. Maybe our flying car is playing Dennis Brown and Chronixx. Judy Mowatt and Lila Ikè? Gregory Isaacs and Jesse Royal? Whatever it is, we’re definitely still jamming to Jimmy’s verse in Magic.

See the entire creative concept images here.

Future Caribbean

Written By Shampagnex

Jimmy October In SEORA FW2022, Captured By Olajùwon Scott At Green Yard, Port-Of-Spain. Styling, Creative Direction & Set Design By Shampagnex. BTS By Richard Carrington.

Special Thanks To Ayanna Wadada And The Wadada Movement & Dubwise Trinidad.


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