9 Irresistible Valentine’s Day Vacation Offers

As the most romantic day of the year is quickly approaching, we wanted to share some irresistible Caribbean Valentine’s Day offers for travelers looking to soak up...
Four Caribbean playing musical instruments.

Exploring Santiago de Cuba Through Stunning Snapshots

In lieu of travel, there's nothing like photography to take us to new, exciting places, exploring the rich cultural corners of the Caribbean. For those craving to...
Little Haiti

Exploring the Colorful Streets (And Culture) Of Miami’s Little Haiti

David I. Muir, the artist author behind acclaimed coffee table photo book Pieces of Jamaica, shares a collection of authentic scenes from around Little Haiti. City Center Little Haiti...
Miami Carnival Vir

Miami Carnival 2020 Goes Virtual In Wake of COVID-19

The street routes of Miami Carnival 2020 revellers may go quiet this October, but that doesn't mean the party has stopped. In the wake of the COVID-19...

This No-Frills Spot Has Some of The Best Cuban Food In Broward

925 Nuevo's Cubano’s is a no-frills Cuban eatery with a laid back vibe, tasty foods, and enough character to make you feel like you’re back home in...
Miami Carnival 2019

Check Out Our Favorite Photos from Miami Carnival 2019

Miami Carnival 2019 may have come and gone, but we're still in the afterglow of this year's amazing celebrations. Held on Oct. 13 at the Miami-Dade County...
Must-Pack Items for Your Next Island Getaway

Must-Pack Items for Your Next Island Getaway

In preparation for a tropical vacation, you have a lot to plan before letting your worries fade away with the island breeze. So, let’s build a checklist.
underwater sculpture

The Secret Underwater Sculpture of the Caribbean

Between overfishing and heavy traffic of diving tourists, the Caribbean's coral reefs face constant environmental pressures. Responding to these challenges, amazing underwater sculpture parks have cropped up...
What Are the Benefits of Visiting Natural Places

What Are the Benefits of Visiting Natural Places

There are many places around the world that hold a natural beauty and wonder, so what are the benefits of visiting natural places like these?
Caribbean Entrepreneurship and Business Trends

Highlighting Caribbean Entrepreneurship and Business Trends

The Caribbean is home to diverse businesses reflecting the region's wide range of industries such as tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, finance, and technology. Each island has...