How To Make Your Home More Tropical

For many, the tropics resemble gorgeous, white-sand beaches, relaxation, and a way of living you can’t quite capture anywhere else. So naturally, a lot of us want our homes to reflect the feelings of ease and beauty that a tropical island provides. Fortunately, there are some excellent and straightforward takes on how to make your home more tropical so that you can appreciate this lovely lifestyle in your favorite spaces.

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Incorporate Plants and Greenery

An excellent way to give your home a more lush, tropical feel is by simply incorporating a little greenery into some regions of your home. For instance, you could group a few pots of varying sizes in the corners of your living room and use them to house beautiful palms and vibrant indoor flowers. Or you could use low-maintenance vines and ivy to border accent walls and embellish long hallways with air plant arrangements and hanging succulent planters. Additionally, if you find that you haven’t got the time or energy to maintain living plants, you can get the same effect by decorating with faux foliage.

How To Make Your Home More Tropical

Accessorize With Soft Colors, Floral Patterns, and Beachy Décor

Another great take on how to make your home more tropical is using soft colors and floral patterns in a room’s accents and decorative accessories. To illustrate, you could paint the most central wall of your kitchen a light blue and dress it up with floral curtains that complement the color. You could get the same effect in your living room by integrating some tropical accessories and larger accent items. For instance, you could decorate with vibrant throw pillows or a driftwood coffee table and pair them with some Bahama shutters on your windows. Using these lighter colors in tandem with floral prints and beach-styled décor will add a breezy, more tropical feel to your home.

Try a Minimalistic Approach to Furniture

A minimalistic approach to the furniture in your home is another great way to add some tropical vibes to your favorite rooms. Ensuring that you keep your spaces decluttered makes them appear spacious and gives them a more pristine look. On top of that, minimalistic furniture in each room allows for more opportunities to rearrange an area and add more décor to it as you go. This decorating style will also draw more focus to bright accents and décor pieces that tie a space together while allowing more natural sunlight to peek through the windows. Most importantly, less furniture gives your home a roomy and relaxing feel that’s reminiscent of the tropics.  

Surprisingly, there are many simple and effective ways to capture the tropical energy you crave in your home. Hopefully, this guide has helped inspire you to make your favorite spaces as gorgeous and pleasurable as the tropics themselves.


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