How To Clean Up Your Home Following a Hurricane

A storm has hit your home—not just any ordinary storm, but a hurricane. After the storm dies down, the sky reveals a clear night with a few stars poking through, and you hear the chirps of crickets. The air is still, but you fear that part two of the hurricane is on its way. This is everyone’s worst fear when living in the Caribbean, but we have some tips on how to clean up your home following a hurricane and what to remember for future storms.

Wait Until Morning

Do not go outside for any reason at night, whether to assess damage or help neighbors out. It’s rewarding to help a neighbor out, but the last thing you want to do is get caught up in a potential extension of a storm. Before you go out to look at the damage, wait until morning comes and it’s bright enough outside to see.

Walk Around Your Interior and Exterior

When inspecting your interior, block off any areas with water and electrical wiring near them. If there is no way to secure the rooms, evacuate your entire family immediately. Take photos of any damage on both the inside and outside of your home. When looking at damage outside, check for fallen trees and any scattered debris. When doing this, check to see if the tree has only caused damage to the exterior, interior, or both. If you notice any damage, make sure you document it as you scope out the area for any destruction.

Don’t Use Any Wet Appliances

If your appliances are wet, refrain from using them until the electrical company comes to remove them all. When water covers plugged-in electrical objects, the surrounding water can become lethal with an electrical charge. Do not go into the area for any reason. Even if your items haven’t been submerged, the floodwaters can still give you an electrical shock if you use or plug in the items.

When cleaning up your yard, make sure you follow these tips on adequately inspecting your home. Doing these will help you remember how to clean up your home following a hurricane in the future when the next hurricane comes.


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