Granny Del cast (L-R): Trudy Campbell, Kirri Wynter, Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright,Christopher Hutchinson and Shakira Kelly.

Jamaican’s own funny girl, actress Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright, returns to South Florida with a new character and tons of shenanigans in her latest play, “Granny Del.” Co-starring Deon Silvera, the Jamaican play will be in South Florida for two shows this June. The first performance takes place on Saturday, June 29th at Miramar High School. The second showing will play on Sunday, June 30th at JP Taravella High School, in Coral Springs.

The story follows the adventures of Granny Del (played by Wright) and her “grand-pickney” Catisha. Granny is an ancillary worker at Mount Jacobs Primary School. Catisha, played by Shakira Kelly, has become disruptive at school due to learning and emotional challenges.

Her teacher Mrs. Wheelz (Deon Silvera) has lost patience, lacking the humility, tact and diplomacy needed. The education officer (Trudy Campbell), dean of discipline (Christopher Hutchinson) and principal all try to cope with Granny Del and her granddaughter.

Catisha and Granny Del move the comedy along quite quickly. In fact, scriptwriter Wright jokes that “The laughter is longer than the script.” The actress is also a trained guidance counsellor who enjoys embellishing stories and making them humorously credible.

Wright has become a passionate advocate for the less fortunate. The actress has committed proceeds from the show to three causes in Jamaica. The first goes to a scholarship fund established to help Rihanna Smith, the daughter of recently slain Corporal Melvin Smith in Manchester, to complete her high school education. The second award foes to 29-year-old Jenneil Webb, diagnosed with meningitis since birth and more recently with a brain condition. This actress collaborated with the Jamaica United Relief Association (JURA) to secure a new $800.00 wheelchair and additional financial resources. The third donation goes to the Mustard Seed Children’s Home in Spur Tree, Manchester. The organization cares for orphaned and abandoned children. To date, Wright has allocated approximately $500 of her own funds to these charitable endeavors.


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