(L-R): Edwidge Danticat, Manuel Mathieu and Terri Francis⁣ Photos: MOCA North Miami

On May 10, 2024, the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (MOCA) invites you to join a special conversation exploring the intersection of art, identity and creation. Inspired by their deep connections to Haiti and the act of artistic expression amidst uncertainty, internationally acclaimed novelist Edwidge Danticat and Montreal-based artist Manuel Mathieu will come together for a thought-provoking dialogue moderated by Professor Terri Francis.

The event, titled “Narratives on Creating Dangerously,” will delve into the profound question of what it means to create amidst chaos and turmoil, and how witnessing upheaval in one’s homeland influences artistic endeavors and sense of self. Danticat, a MacArthur Genius Fellow known for her powerful storytelling, will share insights from her celebrated literary career, while Mathieu, whose works are currently on view at MOCA in two interconnected exhibitions, will explore themes of migration, displacement and political upheaval through his multidisciplinary art.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the panelists and participate in a dialogue that promises to be both enlightening and inspiring. The conversation will take place at MOCA on Friday, May 10 at 7:30 PM, preceded by a Haitian Konpa Pop-Up dance celebration on the plaza at 6:30 PM.

This event is free with admission. RSVP is encouraged HERE.

About the Panelists

Edwidge Danticat is an internationally acclaimed Haitian American novelist, short story writer and 2009 MacArthur Genius Fellow. She is the author of several books, including “Breath, Eyes, Memory,” “Krik? Krak!” and “Create Dangerously.” Danticat’s work explores themes of migration, displacement and the complexities of Haitian identity.

Manuel Mathieu is a Haiti-born, Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist whose works are currently on view at MOCA in two interconnected exhibitions: “World Discovered Under Other Skies” and “Dwelling on the Invisible.” His art explores themes of political upheaval, migration and the complexities of family and community.

Terri Francis is an esteemed author and Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts at the University of Miami. Her research centers on innovators and adventurers in film, with a focus on black performance, creativity and desires to see and be seen.


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