Carnival 2019
Reigning Parade Queen looks over the crowd from the Águia de Ouro Samba School float.

Right now revelers around the world gather to celebrate the high point of Caribbean Carnival 2019, with music, parades and photos galore. But this year’s festivities has already been one for the books, filled with time-honored traditions and fresh creativity. So we’ve rounded up out favorite photos of the season so far, from stunning costumes to legendary musical moments.

American Black Film Festival

Trinidad & Tobago

Young Love

Music fans went wild when Trinidadian music legend Calypso Rose joins the stage with Machel Montana to perform their hit collaboration, “Young Boy” at Machel Monday last week.

Diva Moment

Decked to the nines, the Queen of Bacchanal herself Destra Garcia united forces with Dancehall powerhouse Spice for a killer performance at Machel Monday concert last week.

Island Gyal

American R&B princess Ashanti looked right at home in this Caribbean carnival 2019 photo, performing with Machel Montano at his popular Monday concert last week.

Lord of Ice

Facing stiff competition, master masquerader Joseph Lewis capture the coveted King of Carnival crown with his spine-tingling portrayal of Ghelgath: The Demon Lord of Ice.

Pan Champs

In an intense competition, BP Renegades finally came out on top, wining the large steelband finals at the Panorama 2019 champions. Ace pan arranger Duvone Stewart led the dream team to victory.

Flower Power

The future of Trinidad carnival feels safe in the hands of these beautiful masqueraders performing at the 2019 Junior Carnival. The performers are wearing the Wild Orchids design, a section from the band “Postcards from Brazil.”

Center Stage

Traditional carnival proved alive and well at this year’s traditional costume showcase, display the classic characters of carnival. Here Peter Chin Foon brings life to his character Shu Sha Wanka.

Dominican Republic

Face To Face

Local photographer @jorgefe_dc2 captured stunning details of a devil reveler at the Carnaval de la Vega parades last week, celebrating Dominican independence.

Under The Sea

Set in the wetlands of the Grí Grí Lagoon, the Marine Carnival of Rio San Juan “Carnamar” takes inspirations from marine species. And this masquerader celebrates the theme beautifully with a glittering makeup and a crown of sea-sells and coral.

Devil May Care

The Carnaval de Santiago is known for their iconic “Los Lechones” or piglet devil characters, which traditionally open up the festivities. This performer shows off a beautiful example of the Los Pepines version of the character, with his classic sisal rope used to make loud bangs on the ground to terrify the crowd.


Heads Up

This year’s Parade du Dimanche Gras in Fort-de-France came alive thanks stunning head-dresses and makeup, portraying both traditional characters and pop icons.

Earthly Ties

These iconic performers show off the carnival’s signature traditional combination of rich clay mud and creole dress at the Parade du Dimanche Gras the past Sunday.

Oiled Up

Covered in coal tar and sugarcane syrup, traditional nègres-gros-sirop revelers show off for the cameras at the Parade du Dimanche Gras the past Sunday.

Big Brass

Traditional trumpeters fill the streets of Fort-de-France will rich sound at the Parade du Dimanche Gras the past Sunday.


Home to Roost

The infamous Galo da Madrugada carnaval parade wouldn’t be complete without their epic rooster centerpiece leading the procession. And this year’s centerpiece rooster seems more grand than ever, featuring stunning geometric detail.

Take Off

A glorious sequined phoenix rises from the ashes in the centerpiece parade float created by the famed Unidos do Viradouro samba school.

All a Whirl

Dressed as fantastical oceanic creatures, masqueraders from the Unidos do Viradouro samba school thrill the crowd.

Party Time

Performers from the Império Serrano samba school put their best foot forward in a series of stunning costumes at this year’s parade, from bikini-sequin numbers to candy-inspired designs.

Close Up

Brazilian photographer Filipe de Silva capture the stunning detail of this reveler performing for the Mocidade Alegre Samba School. The look is worn by artistic director Mauricio Pina.

New Orleans:

Dragon Dance

A colorful dragon leads the way for the mystic Krewe of Nyx parade this past week during the Mardi Gras parades.

Greasing The Poles

The Mardi Gras celebrations can’t begins without the traditional “greasing of the poles.” The tradition started 50 years ago to prevent revelers from climbing up the the hotel balconies for a better view of the parade.

Full Steam

Mardi Gras wouldn’t be complete without some stellar music. And the Southern University ‘Human Jukebox’ Marching Band certainly delivered, performing before the start of the Super Krewe of Bacchus parade Sunday.

Super Fan

The Ne wOrleans Saints may have just missed out on the Super Bowl this year, but don’t tell this eager reveler decked out in all Saints gear during the Krewe of NOMTOC parade.


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