Looking for a fresh start? Perhaps the best new beginnings start skin-deep: with skin care, that is. More and more brands are recognizing the importance of avoiding synthetic ingredients in favor of natural skin solutions for better holistic health. And with the natural bounty of the Caribbean, it wasn’t long until Caribbean skincare brands got into the game. We’ve rounded up our favorite Caribbean-owned natural skincare brands, all using island ingredients to create a interesting range of products, from face elixirs, to bath soaks, to body oils.

Champs de Fleurs Skincare

The Trinidad-based Champs de Fleurs Skincare offers plants-based products with an island flair. The brand, founded by Ginger-Vee Carter, creates organic and handmade products, using healing tropical ingredients like lemongrass, aloe vera and Atlantic sea salt. We especially love their beautiful and colorful soap bars, rich in skin-loving oils like coconut oil, mango butter and castor oil. They also offer a nourishing cleanser and skin toner.


When St. Lucian model Nydia Norville moved to New York to work, her skin took a heavy toll during the harsh winters. Unhappy with the synthetic ingredients in her conventional skincare products, Norvile then tapped into her island roots to create the ever chic Choiselle Line. Her products uses only natural botanicals and fragrances, all high in skin-loving nutrients. To bring balance to your skin (wherever you are) try their Neroli isle Face Elixir, with orange blossom and soursop extracts.

Jolie Bloom

Skincare brand Jolie Bloom considers themselves a “soulful and spiritual apothecary,” with products that soothe both body and mind. Founded by Jamaican native Jhéanell Adams, the line offer all-natural products gentle enough for all skin types (and perfect for the whole family). We love their variety of body butters and body scrubs, using nourishing oils like coconut oil and avocado oil. And true to their holistic focus, they are also offering a 2019 Astrological Insight Workshop + Spiritual Cleansing Kit. The “clean slate” workshop is a “virtual masterclass and 3-step spiritual bath kit,” designed to “help you gently cleanse away 2018, while blessing you for the upcoming year.

Belize In You

As the child of a Belizean fisherman, Raquel Battle learned early on the healing values of the sea. So that’s why she dubs her Belize In You line as a “sea-to-face” skincare brand. Many products use the nutrient power of ingredients like gracilaria seaweed. Seaweed helps heal acne-prone skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. Try their Seaweed facial cleanser, with rose hip seed oil and seaweed extract.


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