aloe vera beauty
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Filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizing fatty acids, aloe vera is considered the ultimate hair-and-skin superfood. The all-natural aloe gel also makes the perfect DIY ingredient, as its gooey center can be easily extracted. This makes aloe vera the perfect addition to any all-natural beauty routine. So we’ve rounded up our favorite aloe vera applications for the ultimate natural beauty hack.

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Hair Mask

aloe vera beauty

A raw aloe vera mask can do wonders for an itchy scale and dry, over-processed hair. Simply extract the gel innards of the aloe vera leaf, and blend it up to create a smooth consistency for easy application. For those with thick hair, consider straining your aloe vera gel first for ultimate saturation into your scalp and hair follicles. Leave mask on for up to 30 minutes, then rinse. You can store leftover aloe vera gel in the freezer, and defrost when you’re ready to use more.

Shaving Cream

aloe vera beauty

No one likes the artificial scents of regular shaving cream. So skip the excessive chemicals and make your own DIY version using aloe vera. Simply apply your blended gel or even an exposed leaf directly over your shaving area. Just make sure you clean your razor thoroughly afterwards, as the gel can get caught in the blades. The aloe vera also has the added benefit of being the perfect aftershave, by soothing irritation and softening your skin.

Brow Gel

aloe vera beauty

All out of your favorite brow gel? Instead, tame those frizzy hairs with little homemade aloe vera gel. Just take a clean mascara wand and dip it lightly in the gel. Then apply the gel over your brows. The gel will hold stray hairs in place while softening the hair follicle. This makes a particularly great beauty hack for those with sparse brows, because aloe vera promotes healthy hair growth.


aloe vera beauty

Aloe vera makes the perfect all-rounder moisturizer for both your body and your face. Just simply apply your blended gel directly to your skin, giving extra love to dry areas like your elbows and heals. For a quick DIY face mask, mix equal parts aloe vera with coconut oil and apply to your face, letting it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. Aloe vera also smooths mild skin irritations caused by things like acne, sunburns, mosquito bites or rashes.

Make-up Remover

aloe vera beauty

Drugstore make-up removers can be drying on the skin, particularly when you’re trying to remove that killer smokey eye shadow. Instead, use aloe vera juice from the grocery store, or DIY your own juice. Just splash a few drops onto cotton balls to gently wipe away make-up. Apply more as needed. Not only will the aloe vera remove make-up residue, but will also add a layer of moisture.


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