Superstar Tennis Champ Naomi Osaka on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

The world became familiar with Japanese Haitian tennis player Naomi Osaka after her dedication to uplifting the Black Lives Matter movement let to national spotlight at the 2021 US Open where she wore seven different facemasks throughout the tournament, each embroidered with the name of a Black man, woman or child recently killed by a police officer.

Osaka has been ranked number 1 in the world in singles by the Women’s Tennis Association. She is also a Grand Slam champion, winning two Australian Open titles and two US Open.

On The Late Night With Stephen Colbert, Osaka talks about her introduction to tennis by her parents, specifically her father who encouraged her to peruse the sport at the early age of five. Now, Osaka’s newest endeavor is a children’s book, titled The Way Champs Play, a celebration of sports, play and good “sports(wo)manship,” as the book declares. The picture book aims to support young girls inception into sports and displays diversity in race, ethnicity and physical ability.

Colbert also talked with Osaka about her mental health advocacy. The star has dropped out of multiple tournaments for health reasons, citing that pushing through something, which is often the standard for athletes, is not always the right way to move forward. Osaka mentioned when did return to the courts for the Tokyo Olympics, athletes from different sports came up to her and thanked her for her openness and honesty about the importance of acknowledging mental health in the sports world.

Haitian Recipes Naomi Osaka Recommended to Stephen Colbert - Pate Kode
Pate Kode is a deep-fried, meat-filled pie typically picked up from street vendors.

In the interview she made reference to her culture and heritage, citing Florida and New York as the only places outside of Haiti with good Haitian food. While Colbert’s familiarity with Haitian food was minimal, Osaka mentioned a few tasty options he might enjoy. Here are three dishes the superstar recommended to The Late Show host:

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