First Steps To Take After a Flood in Your Home

While coastal and island areas are beautiful places to live, wouldn’t you prefer the water on the beach than in your living room?

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If you live in an area that sees tropical storms and hurricanes, bookmark this handy guide to the first steps to take after your home floods. Hopefully, you’ll never need it—but while you hope for the best, remain prepared for the worst.

Stop the Flooding if Possible

If your home flooded due to a malfunction in your water system, find the source of the water and stop it from flowing. The easiest way to do this is to find your home’s main water valve and shut it off.

If a natural disaster flooded your home, wait until the immediate danger has passed before re-entering your home. Wear appropriate protective gear like waterproof boots as you head in.

Shut Off Electricity

Once your home is no longer actively flooding, shut off all the electrical systems. You can easily shut off those systems from your fuse box.

However, your physical safety should be your top priority. Do not walk through standing water to get to your fuse box! Call an electrician for assistance to avoid mixing water with electricity.

Call Your Insurer

If you are a homeowner, call your insurance company to report the damage. Your insurer will advise you on whether you should wait for an adjuster to inspect the property or if you can go ahead and start the repair process.

Do you rent? Call your landlord and inform them of the extent of the water damage.

Document the Damage

Before you have your home restored to its pre-flood condition, take photos and/or videos of all damaged areas. This includes water stains, foundation cracks, crumbling drywall, and roof damage. Your landlord or insurer will need to see the extent of the destruction.

Call Restoration Experts

Remediating water damage and restoring a home to its previous condition is an in-depth process that’s best left to the professionals. Contact a water restoration company near you as soon as possible! They’ll make quick work of salvaging your possessions, drying out your home, and remediating mold before it spreads.

If your home has been damaged by a flood, be quick to call for help so that you can get back to enjoying your island life! Waves of water are beautiful on the beach, but not so much in your kitchen. Take these first steps after your home floods to save the structure of your home and the precious possessions within.


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