What Type of Boat Do You Need for a Caribbean Vacation?

The idea of escaping the mainland and setting sail through the Caribbean is tempting. However, it would help to get your affairs in order before jumping aboard. One of the first orders of business is figuring out what type of boat you need for a Caribbean vacation. The best strategy is following these four “S’s.”


There’s not a specific size boat you need for a Caribbean getaway. A smaller boat of around 30-feet may be as effective for you as a 60-foot boat is for somebody else. Finding one in the meaty part of the curve might be your best bet. Another integral part of the boat other than size is the engine. You may opt for a battery-powered outboard motor for tranquility as you go from island to island, especially if you aren’t comfortable with the wind guiding you.


You don’t need to have a yacht to live comfortably at sea, mainly if it’s just you and a partner. The answer to how much space you need to feel comfortable depends on who you ask. Going back and forth between the islands can be arduous if you don’t have enough room. Therefore, if you want endless space for your traditional living quarters, you should opt for a bigger boat.

What Type of Boat Do You Need for a Caribbean Vacation?


You don’t have the luxury of having a full panty or shelf space to put your goods on, so you’ll need to be economical with what you bring. However, there are some items you cannot go without. For starters, make sure you have enough food to last the duration of the trip. An extra cooler or freezer helps keep things fresh.

You’ll also need clothes, but probably less than you realize. The odds are you will be alone for most of the time. There will be no one around to wardrobe shame you if you wear the same shirt for three days in a row.

Plus, you can take advantage of the climate and enjoy the bright sun. Lastly, bring along some water toys to have some fun and engage in activities like snorkeling.


Feeling safe in your vessel is of the utmost importance when you’re at sea. You want to guarantee that you don’t drift away and become friends with a discarded volleyball. You never know when an unexpected storm will wreak havoc on your adventure. Thus, getting a boat that’s easy to operate, is safe, and can secure you in a spot with an adequate anchor is the last step before your getaway.

Hopefully, this answers the question of “what type of boat do you need for a Caribbean vacation?” Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful sites of the gorgeous islands.


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