Ways To Transform the Look of Your Rooftop Deck

One of the coolest upgrades you can add to your home is a rooftop deck. Whether you live along the coast, in the heart of the suburbs or in the city, you can appreciate hanging out up top. With a few comfy seats, an umbrella and some plants, you could spruce up the place, right? While that’s true, we thought of a few ways to turn your rooftop into the ultimate relaxation and hang-out spot any time of the year. Here are four ways to transform the look of your rooftop deck.

Add a Pergola to Your Space

Rain or shine, enjoy your rooftop space by adding a pergola. This will define your space and give you a spot to hang lights, plants and other decorative elements. Before you install one, check with your neighborhood and building code requirements to ensure you have the right materials, measurements and safety requirements. Pergolas are a great addition to your deck because you can enjoy your space without the sun in your eyes or the rain stopping you from spending time outdoors.

Create an Outdoor Garden

Living in a warmer climate has its perks, including having the perfect weather to grow tasty fruits and veggies. Work on your green thumb by transforming your rooftop deck into the ultimate outdoor garden. While keeping your seating area, you can dedicate a small piece of your deck to growing seasonal fruits and vegetables. This way, when your fresh herbs, greens, and fruits are ready to eat, you can enjoy them sitting and looking out at the beautiful view.

Enhance Your Beautiful View

Living within proximity to the water and being surrounded by beautiful nature is a perk that many people don’t get to experience. Embrace these views and transform the look of your rooftop deck by adding a cable railing instead of a concrete or wooden privacy wall. Use a DIY cable railing kit to get safe railing without compromising your panoramic views. This easy-to-install upgrade can withstand weather conditions and lots of weight. When installing, know the safety and code requirements for cable railing.

Enjoy a Movie on the Roof

Extend your entertainment space by transforming your rooftop deck into a movie “room.” You can install a projector or use a large sheet to hang on one of your privacy walls. Enjoy the sunset while watching your favorite rom-com or thriller. Host dozens of family-and-friends nights to bond under the stars. Add a hot tub, electric firepit or an outdoor bar to spruce up your rooftop deck even further. This way, you can enjoy these extra amenities while watching a movie.


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