Tips for Preparing Your Boat for Renters

As a boat owner, you would know that owning a boat comes with a price. The cost of repairs, regular maintenance, cleaning, and fuel becomes a hefty expense. Even if you occasionally use your boat, you still must pay for storage, insurance, and slip rental. A great way to help pay off those costly fees and expenses is by renting out your boat during the spring and summer.

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When renting out your boat, you want your occupants to have an unforgettable and luxurious experience. When you get your first customer, how should your boat look? What should be aboard, and what should you offer your guests? Here are a few tips for preparing your boat for renters to help you make extra cash.

Offer a Unique Experience

You want to stand out as a boat owner to gain a more extensive customer base. Do something that will impress your renters so that they recommend you to their friends and family. Offer advice and must-see spots to see while on the boat.

Make your renters feel special and appreciated while renting your boat. If you’re chartering your boat, offer snacks, wine, water, and extra activities like board games and water toys. You could also send your renters off with a souvenir.

Clean Your Boat Top to Bottom

To prevent mold, mildew, cracked and discolored seats, and any other damages, you should thoroughly check and clean your boat regularly. 

This tip may seem obvious, but you must ensure that your boat is clean from top to bottom before the renters arrive. You want your boat to smell fresh and appear clean. One tip for preventing mold and mildew growth on your boat is to remove items that will attract moisture from your boat while it’s stored away.

Life Jackets & Personal Floatation Devices Must Be Aboard

According to the U.S. Coast Guard’s regulations, every boat should have at least one life jacket per person. There should be four properly fitting life jackets if there are four people aboard. Each life jacket (Type I, II, III, or V) must be in good condition and easily accessible in an emergency. If the vessel is larger than 16 feet, you must have one throwable flotation device (Type IV).

In California, all children under 13 must always wear a life jacket while the boat is moving by law.

You Need a Coast-Guard Approved Fire Extinguisher

Sadly, accidents happen, and you need a fire extinguisher aboard in case of an accident. You need to ensure that your fire extinguisher has not expired. Fire extinguishers are generally suitable for 12 years.

If your vessel is 26 feet or less, you must have one B-1 type hand Coast Guard-approved fire extinguisher. For boats between 26 and 40 feet, you will need two B-1 types or one B-2 Coast Guard-approved extinguisher.

Make some extra cash by renting your boat to vacationers, locals, and tourists this summer! Utilize these tips for preparing your boat for renters to make your guests happy.


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