Common Mistakes People Make When Preparing for a Hurricane

It’s essential to stay safe in your home, but most don’t understand that you need to avoid making life-altering mistakes to protect yourself and your family. Here’s a quick list of the most common mistakes people make when preparing for a hurricane.

People Underestimate the Strength of a Hurricane

Watching a video on the internet and experiencing an actual hurricane are two different things. There are times when others will see that the storm hardly did any damage, but there are times when those not from the area don’t understand that hurricanes are a significant threat. If you’re a traveler, consider planning farther away from hurricane season. In other words, plan your trip to Florida between March and July instead of between August and November.

Common Mistakes People Make When Preparing for a Hurricane

Over Hoard Food for Days

Don’t hoard food and water when prepping for a hurricane, even if you don’t have another choice but to stay in your home. Remember, there’s plenty you’ll need to stock up on, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy over a thousand dollars worth of stuff. Yes, hurricanes can happen at any moment, but create a list of things you can easily stock up on before heading to the store.

Common Mistakes People Make When Preparing for a Hurricane

Not Evacuating Right Away

When authorities announce evacuation plans, it’s a good idea to plan accordingly. When evacuating, this doesn’t mean you should leave as soon as impact hits. You must take this evacuation process seriously, and the more you listen and see, the more prepared you’ll be as you and your family evacuate. Take extra precautions and leave as early as possible to ensure your and your family’s safety during hurricane season.

Over Trusting Their Home

It’s great if you trust your home, but if you haven’t updated it with well-maintained hurricane-proof windows and doors, you risk your and your family’s life if windows break and glass sprays into the air, striking someone. Ensure everything is up to date by updating all windows and doors in your home with hurricane-proof technology. If you find yourself trapped at home during a hurricane, the windows and doors will protect the interior from receiving any flying debris.

When preparing for a storm, it’s essential to keep your home updated with hurricane-proof doors and windows. Besides that, stay mindful of proper evacuation and evacuate a reasonable time before a hurricane strikes. Consider these common mistakes people make when preparing for a hurricane when planning out your strategy for keeping your family safe.


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