pandemic Caribbean-American communities

Caribbean-American communities still reeling from pandemic

In the months between Miami Carnival in October and the New Year, South Florida is usually busy with a slate of music concert, food festival and holiday...
Caribbean charities COVID-19

Caribbean Charities double down to help during COVID-19 crisis

In the Caribbean’s fight against COVID-19, there are many battlegrounds: in the hospital wards with medical professionals lacking supplies to protect themselves, in homes where families struggle...
Chef Creole North Miami

Chef Creole North Miami Masters Delicious Caribbean Food Fast

Chef Creole restaurant chain has been a longtime local favorite for those craving authentic Caribbean food on the double, thanks to their menu...
vodou fashion

Vodou meets the runway with fashion designer Glavidia Alexis

“As a designer, inspiration comes from anything. Our sole purpose is to make it wearable.” So says Haitian-American fashion designer and stylist Glavidia Alexis, whose regal creations...
Caribbean art during COVID-19

How creativity endures: Making Caribbean Art during COVID-19

Filled with breathtaking challenges that have tested our faith and endurance, 2020 has been a year like no other. But, depending on...
Forbes + Masters

Forbes + Masters Interior Design taps into their stylish Jamaican roots

For design partners Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters, creating beautiful living spaces has always been about building relationships. Each client of their acclaimed Atlanta-based design...
Abner Louima

Abner Louima Shares his Powerful Survivor’s Story from Police Brutality

“God himself says that you have to forgive to be forgiven. I don't forget what happened. But I do forgive.” 
COVID-19 support in Miami-Dade County

Get COVID-19 support in Miami-Dade County for locals

From families to small businesses, all have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many have been left in financial uncertainty....
COVID-19 Caribbean travel

What you need to know about traveling to the Caribbean during COVID-19

Quarantine fatigue combined with the public’s increasing ability to cope with the constraints of post-COVID life have more people longing to escape to...
Caribbean gift ideas

Check out these 10 amazing gift ideas from Caribbean brands

More so now than ever, we need to show some love and support for our creators across the Caribbean diaspora. So, why not support unique...