How To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Efficiently

Your air conditioner is the silent hero of your household. It keeps the heat out and the cold in, which many people appreciate in climates that are always hot. Therefore, your HVAC is likely always running. While it can do so, it’s subject to normal wear and tear over time. The good thing is you can help it run its best; here’s how to keep your air conditioner running efficiently.

Replace Filter

One of the best ways to keep your air conditioner running efficiently is to maintain your filter properly. Your filter helps trap any debris and dust that might otherwise float around your home, becoming part of your air supply and irritating sensitive noses and lungs. Due to this, it’s essential to change your system’s filter every 90 days. Keep in mind that you may need to replace the filter more periodically if you have any furry friends in your household.

Drain Line

Your air conditioner drain line will be a white tube that connects to your HVAC and your house. However, it will look different depending on whether your system is inside or outside. The drain line is responsible for keeping humidity out of your home and can be prone to clogging. As you may surmise, a clogged drain will have your home feeling more and more like a sauna. Make sure to flush your drain line out with some vinegar and hot water to avoid that.

How To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Efficiently
Photo by Max Smith on Unsplash

Tighten Belt

Finally, the last helpful trick is to check the belt of your air conditioner. The serpentine belt keeps every accessory running efficiently. However, your belt might become too loose, jeopardizing your airflow. If you notice this, tightening these belts should fix any problems you have.

Try these valuable fixes to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. However, if you have tried these tricks and still find your system isn’t running as efficiently, you may need to replace your HVAC.


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