How To Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

Many areas of your home become vulnerable during hurricane season, and living on a coastal island raises the stakes slightly because a large body of water surrounds you. Learn how to protect areas of your home from hurricane damage. Preparing for damages before they occur minimizes the amount of disaster that could happen when a storm hits.

Trim Your Trees

During hurricanes, a significant liability is fallen tree branches because they can easily be carried in the storm’s winds and damage homes and cars. You must trim back the trees and shrubs in your yard for peak preparedness.

Cover Windows

Some of the most vulnerable areas of your home during a hurricane are the entry points and the windows. Along with the strong winds, debris can shatter your windows, causing even more havoc amidst a tropical storm. Hurricane shutters are worth the investment in order to protect your home and can save you money by preventing disaster.

Strap Down the Roof

Losing your roof during a hurricane is one of the worse things that can happen. To keep water out, stop leaks, and protect the shingles from damage, you can strap down your roof with straps and clips or use industrial shrink wrap to contain the roof. The wrap is heated to shrink around the roof, creating a seal. Use a heat gun extension for the hard-to-reach places to secure the plastic to the roof.

Secure Outdoor Items

Not just your home will need protection during hurricane season, but anything near or around your yard will also be susceptible to the high winds of the storm. Ensure that you protect your home from other flying objects by either bringing them inside or strapping them down. If items are heavier and larger, like picnic tables, use a rope to reinforce the furniture to the ground.

Aside from physical things you can do to protect your home, don’t forget to consider purchasing homeowners’ insurance that includes hurricane protection. Tropical storms create tons of damage to homes and cars, and as much as you can prepare, disaster is inevitable. Reinforce your home to minimize the amount of damage your house receives in the end.


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