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The best part about Caribbean life is that it’s still there for us to enjoy and appreciate. Unfortunately, in the not-so-distant future, that might not be the case. Many scientists worldwide are continuing to discuss the prolonged, damaging effects of global warming on our oceans, reefs, and coasts. Considering the robust forces at hand, we might feel powerless to stop these changes. However, we can take some action into our own hands. Here are some changes to make your home more eco-friendly.

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Wash & Dry Differently

Most of the energy expenditure that goes toward heating your water is for your washing machine. To cut down on this energy-burning, consider washing your clothes at a tap cold, cold, or cool temperature. You might even find that your clothes look better, too—cold water keeps colors vibrant, and it won’t shrink your fabrics.

Given the warm coastal weather, you have the great option of letting your laundry dry on a clothesline outside. You can also save energy by drying your clothing on an air-only cycle.

Use Solar Power

With constant sunny skies, solar power is something you have the opportunity to capitalize on. There are a couple different ways you can incorporate solar power into your home. For starters, you can add solar-powered outdoor lights to brighten up your walkway when the night falls. Moreover, if you have or need a backup generator, consider switching to or purchasing a solar-powered backup, which is a more sustainable option. Finally, you can always take the plunge and install solar panels on your roof.

Switch Bulbs

Another way you can make your home eco-friendlier is by switching out your traditional light bulbs for LEDs. If you still use regular incandescent light bulbs, you may not know how much they waste and drain energy. LED light bulbs utilize significantly less energy than incandescent bulbs. Moreover, once you make the switch to LED, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised to see your electric bill go down.

Reuse Plastic

It’s no secret that everyone in the world purchases single-use plastic items at some point in their lives. The best way to live a sustainable life is to give your plastic bottles new lives. For example, consider using them to water your plants both indoors and outdoors. Island life makes it quite easy for plants to dry out quickly, so a plastic bottle water feeder is a great way to keep your garden hydrated all day. You can also create an herb garden, a supply holder, or a drip irrigation system using plastic bottles.


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