Morel Doucet
"White Noise, Let the choir sing a magnified silence (25 Affirmation)" by Morel Doucet

The ancient art of ceramics finds contemporary resonance in the work of groundbreaking young Haitian-American artist Morel Doucet. Now see his latest show premiering Oct. 1, 2019 at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center (AHCAC).

Jazz in the Gardens 2024
Jazz in the Gardens 2024

Titled “White Noise: When Raindrops Whisper and Moonlight Screams in Silence,” the new exhibition shows Doucet’s signature exploration of organic forms from land and sea. His sculptures, teapots and figurines become consumed in oceanic rust and overground flora.

This show dives deep into the intersection of racial identity and today’s climate crisis. In addition, the artist explores in particular the coral bleaching epidemic throughout South Florida and the Caribbean. The show also seeks to explore how communities of color become the most vulnerable to climate change.

“Morel’s visual narrative, while beautiful, simultaneously serves as a haunting metaphor for humanity’s ostensibly cyclical and never-ending collision with itself,” explains the gallery’s statement on his latest work. “Doucet’s exhibition is simultaneously an archeological dive beneath the ocean’s surface cataloging artifacts that reference a colonial past, a difficult present and an uncertain future whilst offering moments for sociopolitical critique and discourse.”

Born in Haiti and raised in Miami, Doucet is a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art. His work has been exhibited across America at the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts in Pittsburgh, PA; the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, CA and the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, FL. His pieces have also featured at the Flaten Art Museum in São Tomé et Príncipe and at the Havanna Biennial.

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