Bruk Wine Caribbean Workouts Island Origins Magazine Spring 20182
Bruk Wine Caribbean Workouts Island Origins Magazine Spring 20182

Writer Sonia Morgan | Photography Supplied

“Get fit” is written in bright, bold type at the top of your 2018 resolutions list. But something eerily familiar is creeping up on you… it’s that old, annoying feeling that you’ll crash and burn before mid-march, again!

You imagine the monotony of trudging through a timed workout on a treadmill or elliptical, counting endless reps, fantasizing about the ideal summer body in store for you when this is all over.

Well, what if you could amp up your workout by embracing something a lot more fun, that’s guaranteed to feel more like a wild night out, than the slog of a boring old exercise routine?

Think Caribbean-inspired workouts like ReggaeFit, Fet~Ness, Caribbean Cardio, and Brukwine. They let you “wine” like it’s Trini Carnival and “bruk out” like it’s “Weddy Weddy Wednesday.” Sure, you’ll sweat and feel the burn, but it’s that good sweat – the kind you get from dancing to your favorite mixtape when nobody’s watching. Remember, if you’re repeating the same exercises over and over at the gym, your muscles will get used to them and you’re bound to plateau. The beauty of trying something  different is that when you switch it up, you automatically tap into the benefits of muscle confusion.


In South Florida, ReggaeFit is like a movement. This workout fuses Caribbean music and dance with high energy aerobics, weights and more. The team promises ever changing routines that ensure their diverse community of clients have so much fun waving their flags and “chippin’ cross di dancefloor”, they don’t even realize they’re working out. They attest that their clients lose weight and see real health benefits in a matter of weeks. Classes held in Deerfield Beach, Plantation and Miami, leave no room for boredom, and are tailored to adults, seniors, teens and kids too!


If you’re in Atlanta, try out Fet~Ness Caribbean Cardio. Their noble mission includes promoting Caribbean culture through health and fitness, but that doesn’t make their class any less fun! The workout combines the insane energy of a carnival event with high and low-impact aerobics, strengthening and muscle sculpting exercises, all done to the hottest new dancehall, soca and afrobeats!


This sexy dancehall and reggae based workout craze shows women how to “wine” their waists to fitness, and is taking New York by storm. It claims to burn up to 1,000 calories per rump shaking, fat blasting class – and it’s all done in heels, booty shorts and full makeup!The classes are a combination of cardio and dance that particularly tone a woman’s legs and waist. And it can’t hurt that its pioneering choreographers have danced in music videos for A-listers like Sean Paul, Diddy, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. If their flash mob performance in Time Square is anything to go by, this workout “tun up!” Classes are available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Long Island, and workshops are available all over the country.


In Maryland? “Wuk up” and “buss a sweat” to the intoxicating rhythms of soca and reggae music at Soca’Robics Fitness Studio. This workout gets your adrenaline pumping in a calorie-burning explosion of culture that’s bound to have you fit and fine. Instructor Natalie’s clients say you’ll feel like you’re on the road at carnival!

So what are you waiting for? Ditch the drudgery of the gym and go find your Caribbean fit!


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