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Despite appearances, makeup is never skin-deep. Our makeup counter can become a beautiful reflection of how we define our own beauty identity. Now stylish Caribbean folks can wave their island pride high with an exciting new generation of Caribbean makeup brands. These companies are challenging the mainstream makeup industry, providing a wider variety of colors that reflect the true diversity of the islands. So we’ve rounded up our favorite Caribbean makeup brands changing the game, from indie brands to Sephora staples.

For Superstar Style: Fenty Beauty

Could this list ever be complete without including the Bajan beauty herself? Launched by pop star Rihanna in 2017, Fenty Beauty quickly became iconic thanks to its wide range of foundation colors. The broad spectrum shook up a makeup industry that has long neglected creating products that cater to a variety of skin tones. The brand also collected a loyal following thanks to their stunning Killawatt highlighters that sparked many a instagram glow-up. Fenty Beauty’s offerings now span the whole gamut, from basic concealers and contour products to party-ready eye palettes.

For Carnival Dreams: Sacha Cosmetics

Since its launch in 1979 in Trinidad and Tobago, Sacha Cosmetics has become an essential stable for Caribbean fashionistas everywhere. Inspired by the Twin Republic’s diverse community, Sacha caters to makeup lovers of every skin tone with their high-performance products. Their most iconic product may be their legendary Buttercup setting powder, which leaves a perfect finish without the troublesome white cast on richer skin tones. So no powdery flashbacks in photos! So you can dance away come Carnival time fresh-faced and worry-free.

For #HotGirlSummer: KA’OIR Cosmetics

Jamaican bombshell Keyshia Ka’oir has some serious beauty acumen behind her killer style. Nothing illustrates that more than the origin story behind her brand KA’OIR Cosmetics. Unable to find the blue lipstick of her dreams in mainstream makeup, she decided to make one herself — launching today’s trend for unconventional lip colors and textures. The brand remains a favorite among fans for its unusual, high-octane colors, from her rainbow range of lipsticks to lush eye palettes.

For Gothic Glam: Necromancy Cosmetica

For Caribbean fashionistas craving to embrace their dark side, the Puerto Rican-based brand Necromancy Cosmetica feels like a dream come true. They have developed a loyal following for their unconventional, moody matte lipsticks. Think midnight blues, galactic purples and the deepest, darkest blacks. Their wicked, wicked ways, however, prove only skin deep. The brand prides itself on its ethical standards. Their products are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free (i.e. never ever tested on animals). So you can enjoy your witchy makeup ways guilt free.

For Lush Lips: Gaëlle Cosmetics

Nothing can transform your look more quickly that a simple swipe of bright, luscious lipstick. And new Jamaican-based brand Gaëlle Cosmetics will satisfy all your bold lipstick needs. After years in the hospitality industry, native yardie Safyie Reid founded the company from a longing for beauty products representative of Jamaica’s diverse culture and rich heritage. And the brand represents proudly, offering three lines of vibrant liquid lipstick shades.

For Your Glow Up: Alamar Cosmetics

Living the American dream never looked so good thanks to Gabriela Trujillo, founder of Miami-based makeup brand Alamar Cosmetics. A proud immigrant, Trujillo fled from her native Cuba as a child with her family. But she always stayed grounded to her roots, naming the brand after her old neighborhood, Alamar. This spirit infuses all of her products, which seek to inspire others to take inspiration from the culture and celebrate their unique style. You can see this in the fun, fresh colors of her lipsticks, eye palette and sun-kissed blushes.

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