Art Basel Miami Beach, one of the most prestigious art fairs in the world, has consistently been a beacon of innovation and artistic expression. As we approach Art Basel Miami Beach 2023, and the concurrent Miami Art Week 2023, this December, there is a growing buzz surrounding the inclusion of Caribbean artists. This exciting development not only celebrates the rich artistic traditions of the Caribbean but also signifies a much-needed step toward inclusivity in the global art scene.

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The Caribbean region is a treasure trove of artistic diversity, shaped by centuries of cultural exchange, multiethnic history and the resilience of its people. From the influence of African rhythms to the vivid colors inspired by the lush landscapes, Caribbean art is a celebration of life, culture and identity. For too long, these voices have been underrepresented in the international art world, but Art Basel Miami Beach’s 2023 lineup is poised to change that, with a specific focus on celebrating Latin American and Caribbean diasporic scenes.

One of the artists making waves in the lead-up to the event is Jamaican Nickola Pottinger. Pottinger’s sculptures emerge from an intuitive creative process. Her artistry combines elements such as paper pulp, pigments and found objects, many of which have been sourced from her surroundings in her home of Brooklyn, NY.

These unique creations, often categorized as wall reliefs, possess an enigmatic quality, characterized by their irregular shapes, hints of ritualistic undertones and a sense of motion, resonating with the artist’s Jamaican heritage, her connection to dance and the human body. Pottinger’s recent exhibitions have earned places for her work in galleries and art spaces in New York, Paris, and numerous other locations worldwide, solidifying her status as a creative with a global reach and a distinctive artistic voice. Her solo booth in the Miami Beach Convention Center, presented by Mrs. Gallery, will not be one to miss.

Haitian painter and sculptor Edouard Duval Carrié is another artist attracting attention. During Miami Art Week, Carrié will be part of an exhibit presented at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex from December 8 to 10 titled “A Call to the Ancestors,” an exhibition that represents the 15th edition of the esteemed Global Borderless Caribbean series. Recognized for its commitment to fostering contemporary cultural dialogues centered on the Caribbean, this annual multi-artist exhibition is set to be a noteworthy highlight of Art Basel. Carrié’s display includes intricate, colorful and well-known pieces derived from Caribbean history, politics and religion.

Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is also set to be a focal point for art enthusiasts during Miami Art Week, featuring a diverse array of exhibitions.

The inclusion of Caribbean artists at Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 is more than just an opportunity for these creators to showcase their talents — it’s a call for a more equitable and diverse art world. While diversity and inclusion have increasingly become focal points in recent years, there remains much work to be done to ensure that artists from all backgrounds receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve. By actively promoting Caribbean artists, Art Basel stands as an example of how the art world can lead the charge in championing diversity.

Moreover, the art helps challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions often associated with the region. It acts as an opportunity to educate on and highlight complex themes like slavery, religion, history and resilience, dispelling one-dimensional depictions. Caribbean art is not just about picturesque beaches and palm trees  — it is a celebration of the people, their struggles, their dreams and their deep connections to their surroundings. It is an invitation to explore the myriad of stories that make up the islands.

As the event approaches, we eagerly anticipate the voices and stories that will be celebrated on the global stage, and we are reminded that art, at its core, knows no borders.


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