Artisanship is the bedrock of creative small businesses throughout the Caribbean. This is especially true in Haiti, as a new generation of Haitian artisans entrepreneurs have played a huge role in helping the nation recover from the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. Here, Haitian artists can channel their rich cultural heritage and passionate skills into each handmade piece, offering priceless and timeless value in each product. And there has never been a better time to support them than now. With this in mind, we’ve gathered our favourite Haitian artisans you can buy from online.

Atelier Calla

Atelier Calla offers one-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry, home décor items and accessories. Every piece is handmade from horn, wood, bone and other organic and traditional Haitian materials. The Port-au-Prince-based company is led by Christelle Chignard Paul, a passionate Haitian designer who has been devoting her time to creating delicate and timeless pieces since 2007. Outspoken about promoting Haitian peace and progress, the brand stands out for its natural horn jewelry including earrings, pendants and bracelets.

Yaël et Valérie 

For the best in artistic upholstery textiles and wallpapering, Yaël et Valérie Fabrics is where to go. Founded in 2018 by designer Valérie Louis and inspired by her daughter, Yaël, the company’s artwork centres on Haitian history and culture, using vibrant colours and intricate illustrations. Their patterns feature traditional Haitian hallmarks like classic gingerbread-style houses, tropical birds and portraits of historic women

Haiti Design Co. 

Haiti Design Co. has employed and trained over 150 artisans since its inception in 2014. Since then, sustainable development, job creation and community building have remained the foundation of the company. A result is a powerful group of craftspersons specializing in leatherwork, beadwork, metalwork, horn-and-bone work, and weaving. So shoppers have an amazing diversity of items to choose from. This includes bags, shoes, belts, wallets, fobs, jewellery and several other handmade clothing accessories.

Sandilou Textile 

The artists at Sandilou Textile make freehand paintings on their fabrics using vibrant dyes and textile paints. Finished fabrics are then used to produce unique handmade clothing, soft furnishings and accessories. Sandilou Textile was founded by Sandra and Fred Russo in 2012. All the fabrics used by the company are made of natural fibres like cotton, linen and rayon. Sandilou’s bright, rhythmic colour schemes and light, comfortable fabrics are expressive of the free, tropical feel of the Caribbean. You can get the most beautiful beach bags and beachwear here.


Murielle and Lucnor Larochel jointly founded their creative company, Ayizana, in 2015. They began with a goal to promote the artisanal talent of Haiti, combining their love for arts and crafts with their pride in their cultural heritage. Ayizana works closely with Haitian artisans, artists and workshops, and provides a platform for them to showcase their skill to the world. They compiled a vibrant market of jewellery, bags, clothing, beauty products and stationery, featuring Haitian brands like Atelier Calla, Anacona, and Ednord Collection. Also promoting the use of natural or recycled materials, Ayizana is set to take the “Made in Haiti” tag to the global stage.

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Beautiful Gifts by Haitian Artisans You Can Support Online Beautiful Gifts by Haitian Artisans You Can Support Online


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