Bahamian Padrino

Music and food are two of the Caribbean’s most sought-after exports. And perhaps no other regions loves both so much in equal measure. With this in mind, we tapped some of the Caribbean’s most beloved music stars to talk about the foods that excite their palates. Born in Nassau, the Bahamian Star Padrino singer, rapper, and producer Padrino (real name Rory Bowe) have worked with acts like Jah Cure and Popcaan. The South Florida resident and son of a fisherman favour seafood and considers himself a more than competent cook, spending time in the kitchen whenever he’s not in the recording studio. As avid fisher himself, expect some serious Bahamian food with tons of ocean treasures.

Currently Craving: I’m craving pepper shrimp, or even steamed snapper right now. Eating fish always reminds me of home. I have so many memories going out on the water with my father, who was a boat captain and spearfisherman. I’ve got the best fresh seafood hookups in South Florida. During quarantine, I ate like there was no pandemic.

Favourite Caribbean Dish To Cook At Home: I love cooking curry at home. I’d curry an apple if I could! I learned to make a good curry for many years watching my grandmother, aunts, and cousins. I usually post my cooking on my Instagram page, which has a nice little following of food fans.

Go-to Caribbean Spot: I cook a lot at home actually. But if I go out for Caribbean food, I’ll head to Coconuts in South Florida. The one Caribbean essential I need to have on tour is a hot patty. Bury me with one when I die, please.

Your Caribbean Essentials: In South Florida, Bravo Supermarket has been a go-to place for key ingredients. I typically stock up on scotch bonnet peppers, fresh snapper, shrimp, conch, lobsters, plantains, fresh coconut, okra, thyme, ginger, cassava, and lots of fresh herbs and spices.  

One Dish Every Visitor Should Try: Hands down the one dish everyone should try when visiting The Bahamas is boiled grouper, aka boil fish, with johnnycake. Period! It’s a clear fish and lime broth with chunks of fleshy grouper and potatoes, seasoned with allspice and fresh goat pepper. Our johnnycake is more like a sweet cake and bread combo. It’s the best hangover remedy.


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