5 Telltale Signs a Pipe Burst in Your Home

A pipe bursting in the house is every homeowner’s worst fear. It could also cause a fair amount of damage to your home and belongings. Rather than wait for the worst-case scenario, note the telltale signs a pipe burst in your home. That way, you can call a plumber before an emergency arises.

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High Water Bill

When your water bill is far higher than it should be, there’s cause for alarm. As you evaluate your water bill, note whether you’ve used a lot of water recently. For example, filling a pool and taking frequent baths could cause a spike.

However, if your water usage routine has remained steady, then there may be a leak in your water line. Call an expert as soon as possible to rule this factor out and prevent any potential water damage.

Low Water Pressure

Whether you’re turning on the faucet or trying to take a shower, you may notice that the water pressure is lower than expected or fluctuates between high and low.

5 Telltale Signs a Pipe Burst in Your Home

Often, these changes in water pressure are symptoms of a burst or clogged pipe. When there’s a leak in your pipe, some of the water escapes as it travels down the line, which lowers the pressure.

Whistling Pipes

As you turn your water on and off, you may notice an odd whistling sound coming from the pipes. Similarly, you may hear what sounds like running water despite all the faucets in your home remaining off. Both indicate a leak in your water system and give you a reason to contact an expert.

Soft Spots on the Lawn

Maybe you haven’t noticed too much issue inside your house, but you have soggy spots in your yard. Look out for especially green patches of grass or pools of water near the driveway or sidewalks—the ground may even feel softer than the surrounding area when you stand on it.

If a repair expert finds a problem with your water line, they may utilize a trenchless method for repair. By knowing how the various types of trenchless methods work, you can better understand how experts can fix the pipe without destroying your landscaping.

Discolored Water

Brown or otherwise discolored water is another telltale sign a pipe burst in your home. In this case, you need to contact a professional promptly, as sediment or rust could contaminate your water.

And if the water smells sulfurous—often compared to rotten eggs—then there could be a sewage leak. Regardless of what sign you notice, calling an expert right away decreases the chance of the hefty expenses that accompany water damage.


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