Linda Julien Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens City County candidate Linda Julien has a uniquely Haitian-American history. “My mother came here on a boat,” she explains. “It was a life-threatening trip that took nearly three weeks.” Her mother found safe harbour in the Magic City. Later, Julien recalls observing her mother’s long path to citizenship, then sharing in the pride of her first trip to the polls in 1996.

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Julien grew up in “Little Haiti” where resources were scarce and life was challenging. Her parents each worked two jobs to put her and her brother through private school and then college.

Now a Miami Gardens resident and homeowner, Linda Julien is running for City Council, Seat 5. For her, it’s a step toward ensuring her home city provides a voice and safe harbour for all its residents. “Miami Gardens is a gem, a beautiful city, 17 years-old… we celebrated in May,” she said. “It’s time for some new energy and experienced leadership. It’s time that we have our city work for us and we work for our city.”

Her priorities while in office will include economic development, job security, public safety, and community development, particularly in the aftermath of COVID-19. She’ll offer support to small and medium-sized businesses, and will create opportunities for new businesses to thrive. In fact, during the pandemic, Julien was able to help one small business find the funding support that kept its doors open.

To address public safety, another issue of concern, she’ll push for greater collaboration between the police and local residents. More programs will be geared toward senior citizens, keeping them active and healthy. And for the youth of the city, programs will prioritize education and activities.

Julien has a Master’s in Public Administration, has nearly a decade of experience as a civil servant, and is currently serving as the Economic Development Manager for North Miami, with a focus on procurement and workforce development.

“I’m living the American dream,” Julien reflects. “I am giving it my all because of the sacrifices my parents made.”

By stepping up to the challenge of Council membership, she hopes to help fellow Miami Gardens residents chart their own American journeys to success.


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